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7 Amazing Markets in Porto that You Need to Check Out

A city’s markets can tell you so much about the way its local residents eat, cook, shop, and go about their daily lives. Porto is no exception, and this city in northern Portugal has many bustling marketplaces to discover. Whether you prefer to browse for souvenirs, check out the latest fashion trends, or sample the…

A Quick List of the Top Food in Porto You Need to Try

One of the first things that every foodie wants to know when they’re visiting a new city is what they should eat. For many, trying local cuisine is one of the top reasons to travel in itself! Before you head off to Porto, the gastronomic capital of Portugal, you need the inside scoop on the…

FLT Managers Series, Part 3: Discovering Porto with Benjamin

Food Lover Tour is now operating in the charming city of Porto in northern Portugal! To continue with our FLT Managers Series, we are chatting with Benjamin, a foodie who loves discovering Porto and its history and cuisine every day. So to kick things off, let’s learn all about this beautiful city through the eyes…

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