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Malaga Food Tours

Discover the most authentic dishes that are loved by locals in Malaga.

Food Lover Tour® Malaga

With access to the sea and mountains, Malaga’s gastronomy makes use of local ingredients to create incredible cuisine that you won’t soon forget.

Go on a Malaga food tour and discover the most authentic dishes and foods that are loved by locals and are a part of Malaga’s tradition.

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Spanish Wine by Region Series: Wines of País Vasco

Spanish Wine by Region Series: Wines of País Vasco

País Vasco, or Basque Country, is a region in northern Spain known for its independent spirit, delicious pintxos, and fun-loving people. One thing that it’s not known well for is its wine, a tradition that has been a part of the region’s identity for centuries. As we move along with our Spanish Wine by Region…