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Lisbon Food Tours

There's no better way to get to know Lisbon than by tasting all it has to offer.

Food Lover Tour® Lisbon

Lisbon is known for its hills and codfish, but there is a lot more to this beautiful city.

Its history and gastronomy are deeply intertwined, thus there is no better way to get to know Lisbon than walking and tasting the rich diversity it has to offer.

Join us to find the secret places where the locals like to go for traditional petiscos, delicious wines, a sip of port and classic desserts!

Latest Lisbon News

Why Sardines are the Symbol of Portugal’s Culture and Cuisine

If we had to choose just one symbol to represent Portugal, there is an excellent chance that the Sardine would be it. This little fish has become a traditional, and emblematic symbol of Portuguese cuisine and culture. The history of Sardines in Portugal is closely tied to the fishing industry and the coastal communities. Portugal…

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