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Barcelona Food Tours

Find out why Barcelona is at the top of every food lover’s list.

Food Lover Tour® Barcelona

If you’re hungry to discover the rich history and culture of the capital city of Catalonia, then going on a food tour in Barcelona is a must.

From tasty tapas to elevated cuisine to sweet treats, the city has no shortage of culinary delights waiting for you to try, as well as unique activities like seeing a football game at the famed Camp Nou or private wine tastings.

Eat to your heart’s content in Barcelona and find out why this city is at the top of every food lover’s list.

Latest Barcelona News

7 of Our Favorite Cafés with the Best Coffee in Barcelona

In recent years, the specialty coffee scene has been making itself known in Barcelona, one trendy café at a time. As we’ve mentioned before, Spanish coffee, in the classic torrefacto style, leaves something to be desired for those who didn’t grow up drinking this burnt, slightly sweet coffee. However, a number of coffee lovers and…

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