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Barcelona Morning Tapas Tour

Live a typical Spanish morning food adventure!

Quick Details

Most complete morning tour including local Sweets, market tasting and finally tapas

Adults 12+ years old
Children 2-11 years old

The Morning Tapas Tour in Barcelona

tomate-food-loverEveryone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so start your day off right! Join us on this typical morning food tour in Barcelona to see what the locals enjoy eating in the morning and take in the city’s morning atmosphere. Experience a morning like a Barcelona native, eating all the best breakfast foods along the way!

This fun kind of tapas “brunch” in Barcelona is designed to show you the essential morning food habits you can find in Spain and nowhere else. Live a typical Spanish morning food adventure, a full immersion in the local traditions and culinary behaviors. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Barcelona on a fun and colorful must-do food tour.

Mornings in the city are fascinating because they always show you the most authentic aspect of how its inhabitants live in their hometown. Office workers, delivery men, transporters, freelancers, public employees, all can be found around 10 am outside their offices and in the cafés for a quick breakfast break! It’s a unique cultural custom, a moment of the day where everybody suddenly leaves the offices for the corner cafés in town, which you get to experience with a local expert.

We have designed this adventure to show you the way locals live and interact in the city through the spectrum of food. As food experts, we guide you through a succession of typical moments of life, starting with the first stop, a most compulsory and traditional morning moment of the day. It’s known as “el almuerzo corto,” which could be also called second breakfast.

Visit the most authentic gems in the hip Gothic and Born areas, and weave in and out of locals doing their shopping as you learn about their daily customs and traditions during our Barcelona Tapas morning walking tour. By the end of the adventure, you’ll know exactly what it means to do tapas like a local and why tapas culture in the morning can’t exist outside of Spain (so you’ll have to come back!).

Holiday closures: Dec 24th, 25th, 31st and Jan 1st

What Our Guests Say

"Unique and delicious"

A feast for the senses! I can’t say enough about this wonderful food tour. It went above and beyond all my expectations. The restaurants we ate at were so unique and delicious all in their own way I will definitely return and go back for another tour.

– Flybysts · TripAdvisor
"Everything was perfect"

Where do I even begin with this great tour!! Everything was perfect, from our expert guide, to the 3 different tapas bars and restaurants we visited, to actually getting to meet the owner at one of the felt like an evening amongst friends and the best part was that we went to places we surely never would have found on our own, which had some of the best food we tasted in Spain. I'll be dreaming about this mouth watering meal for a long time!

– Seththomas94 · TripAdvisor
"An evening you will always remember"

We didn’t know what to expect. Four hours of eating? And the price seemed rather expensive. But boy am I glad we followed our hearts and went to enjoy this tour. If you want an evening you will always remember, and some of the best food and wine in Spain, this is the tour for you. I would do it again in a New York Minute. If I could give it six stars I would.

– DRM2319 · TripAdvisor
"The food was WONDERFUL"

I booked the evening Tapas Tour for 7 people. We had a wonderful time. We enjoyed every stop and were completely satisfied with the amount of food and wine. We were stuffed and enjoyed every drop of wine! Remember, it is a walking tour, if you have any disability let the tour guide know, if you have a food allergy, let the tour guide know. The food was WONDERFUL. Book it, enjoy the history, architecture and flavor of Spain!

– suntrvlrgirl · TripAdvisor
"Sign up for this tour"

The food quality on this tour is a clear step up from other tours. It makes me wonder how they even make a profit when placing so much fine cuisine (and wine!) in front of us. A true test of a food tour's quality is when we ask ourselves "would we eat at this restaurant on our own after this tour" and if the answer is yes. Sign up for this tour. Seriously. Its a sure fire good time.

– cloud9shopper · TripAdvisor