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Here's all you need to know about Food Lover Tour in the three cities where we operate: Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.
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About Us


Food Lover Tour founder

I’m Matthieu Floret, a native Parisian residing in Barcelona since 2007 for the second time, after having completed an MBA at the prestigious EADA business school between 2000 and 2001. Motivated by my dream of having my own company from 2006, although more focused on marketing and new technologies, I never lost faith in tourism and entertainment which are amongst Spain’s most promising sectors.


In my capacity as true French “bon vivant”, a lover of good food since my childhood, I managed to bring together his three great loves with Food Lover Tour: eating, drinking and entertaining. And so the company came about in 2013 with a very simple but attractive premise: to eat where the locals eat.


Success came quickly, within less than one year Food Lover Tour managed to scale the heights of the first ranking on TripAdvisor not just as one of the best gastronomic tours but one of the best Barcelona activities also. Thanks to the excellent quality of the foods being offered, the good company and knowledge provided by the guides in terms of conversation and service and the beyond reproach service of the restaurants, bars and taverns included on the tours, Food Lover Tour became a reference in terms of good food, widely imitated by numerous would-be guides.

Matthieu Floret - Food Lover Tour founder


Food Lover Tour Madrid

My name is Raúl Martín, born and raised in Madrid, Spain. I have a degree in Advertising, comunication and Marketing. I worked as an Account Executive and Copy Creative in several advertising companies, also as a advertising teacher.


I traveled around 17 countries in Europe, North Africa and 6 countries in Latin America, living in many of these.


Since I was a child, ‘I did not eat anything’, I was born with an enoooooooormous talent to distinguish the excellent from the good, and you can imagine how badly I made it to my poor mother. Luckily for her, when I met the cuisine and the flavours of Madrid, I began to travel, and there, my palate continued to enjoy and learn. The pleasant surprises that I was finding made me go on and on. Until the day where I finally could turn my hobby into my profession.


Gastronomic fairs like Madrid Fusion, the International Gourmet Fair or tourist attractions like FITUR … are marked in my calendar as a must. True festivals for my senses.


Now I am lucky to be able to live from my passion, to share with you all this learning, to offer you in Food Lover Tour Madrid the result of more than 20 years of gastronomic culture; life between wines and tapas, of amazing flavours, emotions… a fulfilled life. You will taste my true ‘golden nuggets’ in a city that was born in the 9th century and in which besides the gastronomic experience, you will also know its history in our walking tours.

Raul Martin - Food Lover Tour Madrid


Food Lover Tour Seville

Born and grown in Verdun (France), I early leave my hometown to go studying Marketing and business in the University of Nancy (France). After I finish my studies, I decide it is the best time to discover new things, so I pack my stuff and take the plane for the first time to go to live to Dublin (Ireland) for one year. Dublin is another world for me but it is so much fun. This is where I meet my wife, who is from Seville (“what a terrible place to live” I think) and suddenly, without even realizing, I’m living in Seville, BAM! Sun, beaches and inexpensive tapas and drinks, I don’t need much more to start enjoying the simple and inspiring way of life the south of Spain is famous for.


During the 10 years I spend in Seville, I discover some amazing food and traditions built around the gastronomy. Here the food is a master piece and sharing good food with friends and family is almost sacred. I obviously can’t spend my life eating (wait…maybe I can) so I work in many different industries, from the tourism industry to the software industry. Even though, I enjoy what I do, I have the feeling that the best is to come and this is how I meet Matthieu Floret founder of Food Lover Tour Barcelona. When I hear what this crazy French guy is doing I immediately know I am meant to do it in Seville.


I start Food Lover Tour Seville in 2015 and I immediately observe that our guests enjoy it very much. The city has it all, it is the typical post card from Spain, the classical Spanish city with thousands of years of history. It also is a place where you can feel home with friendly people and a great choice of places to stay. Finally, it is the ultimate kingdom of the TAPAS with a variety of food and drinks that hardly can be beaten. This where I live and where I want to spend many years, let me take you wandering through these streets where the TAPAS is king.

Baptiste Roge - Food Lover Tour Seville


Food Lover Tour Malaga

Born in Paris, near Montmartre, since very young my Spanish mother often asked me: Jean Pierre, come here to help mom for cooking!I‘ve done an European business school. In order to gain international experience, I participated in studies abroad programs in London and Madrid.


Then I left Paris to work in Spain as seller for one of the most prestigious winemaker of the world, Bodegas Miguel Torres: a winemaker built through the effort of five generations. This company has been recognized as the most admired wine brand in the world by the leading British magazines!


My job responsibilities was of course selling Spanish wines, brandies and  French champagnes but also  discovering the top gastronomical spots…Mix work and passion in a local area: what else!??


Then this company who celebrate life, care for the earth and carry on his legacy offered me a new position as Spain Brand Manager. Waow!! In charge to promote French Champagnes and spirits all over the Iberian Peninsula! Living foody experiences and tasting Spanish wines, such another amazing step!


However, I quickly felt I was missing something: I needed to develop my own business project dream. Therefore, we created Eurocovention Company with a French associate.  We organized seminaries, walking tours and foodies gala evenings in Spain! Why all my life experiences are linked with food and wines! ??  Jean Pierre, come here to help mom for cooking!…Home is where the heart is…


Finally, considering my insatiable culinary curiosity, I decided to convert my life’s passion into my own business with Food Lover Tour. To be in Food Lover Tour Team means: “Variety is the spice of life”. We are creasy of lovely human and gastronomic trendy adventures.


It will be a pleasure to share my interest in Malaga’s gastronomy, wines and culture with you in an unusual and delightful foodies walking tour! 



Since its creation, Food Lover Tour has had more than 15 collaborators.


Tours are conducted in: English, Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Romanian.


More than 10,000 happy customers to date!


We offer seven types of tours: Tapas Lover Tour, Picoteo Lover Tour, Gourmet Lover Tour, Wine Lover Tour, Sweets Lover Tour, Foodball Lover Tour and Market Lover Tour.


More than 1,000 5 star reviews on TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence 2015, 2016 & 2017.


Food Lover Tour operates in Barcelona, Seville, Madrid and Malaga.