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About Us

Food Lover Tour® Sustainable Initiative and Green Commitment

Fresh Start / Local support and green commitment

“Cooking what we produce and producing what we cook.” Chef Diego Gallegos

More and more people are putting quality before quantity and looking for local products produced by passionate people, committed both to the environment and to their local history. Therefore, it’s not unusual to see today most respectable institutions, such as the Michelin Guide, creating a new label for sustainable gastronomy, “Gastronomie Durable.”

As an example, Azumendi, a 3-Michelin star restaurant in the Basque country (Spain), was named the world’s most sustainable restaurant in 2018. The green revolution is a necessity that is becoming a reality.

When was the last time that you tasted the real flavor of a juicy tomato? It is time to get back to the basics; our bodies and souls need it. For the last decade, Spain has been at the forefront of this movement, through its wines, first, and then progressively through the kitchens of many restaurants.

We believe at Food Lover Tour that the food ecosystem is ready to embrace this mindset. Our intention is to adjust our tours so we can offer more sustainable meals and locally grown products, in collaboration with our suppliers.

Therefore, we have carefully designed sustainable food-based menus with our dear partners. Along with our long-time commitment of taking our guests where the locals go, we want to commit to offering authentic and local flavors in 2024.

Time to enjoy!

Where the Locals Go, We Go!

Do you have a foodie friend or family member traveling to Europe: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and event Turkey? Why not surprise them with a delicious food and wine tour?

Experience a real gastronomic outing like a local and discover the most authentic restaurants and delights the city has to offer. A Food Lover Tour® gift certificate can make any occasion special, from anniversaries and birthdays to holidays and weddings!

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Matthieu Floret

Food Lover Tour® Founder

I’m Matthieu Floret, a native Parisian residing in Barcelona since 2007 for the second time, after having completed an MBA at the prestigious EADA business school between 2000 and 2001. Motivated by my dream of having my own company since 2006, although more focused on marketing and new technologies, I never lost faith in tourism and entertainment which are amongst Spain’s most promising sectors.

As a true French “bon vivant”, a lover of good food since my childhood, I managed to bring together my three great loves with Food Lover Tour®: eating, drinking and entertaining. And so the company came about in 2013 with a very simple but attractive premise: to eat where the locals eat.

Success came quickly, within less than one year Food Lover Tour® managed to scale the heights to the number 1 ranking on TripAdvisor, not just as one of the best gastronomic tours but one of the best Barcelona activities. Thanks to the excellent quality of the food being offered, the good company and knowledge provided by the guides, and the beyond reproach service of the restaurants, bars and taverns included in our tours, Food Lover Tour® became a reference in terms of good food.

Raul Martin

Food Lover Tour® Madrid

My name is Raúl Martín, born and raised in Madrid, Spain. I have a degree in Advertising, Comunication and Marketing. I worked as an Account Executive and Copy Creative in several advertising companies, as well as an advertising teacher.

I traveled around 17 countries in Europe, North Africa and 6 countries in Latin America, living in many of these.

Since I was a child, ‘I did not eat anything’, I was born with an enoooooooormous talent to distinguish the excellent from the good, and you can imagine how much I made my poor mother suffer. Luckily for her, when I met the cuisine and the flavours of Madrid, I began to travel, and there, my palate continued to enjoy and learn. The pleasant surprises that I was finding made me go on and on. Until the day where I finally could turn my hobby into my profession.

Gastronomic fairs like Madrid Fusion, the International Gourmet Fair or tourist attractions like FITUR…are marked in my calendar as a must. True festivals for my senses.

Now I am lucky to be able to live from my passion and to share with you all this learning, with Food Lover Tour® Madrid the result of more than 20 years of gastronomic investigation. During our walking tour you will taste my true ‘golden nuggets’ and learn about the history of this city born in the 9th century.

Life between wines and tapas of amazing flavours, emotions… a fulfilled life.

Baptiste Rogé

Food Lover Tour® Seville · Granada · Malaga

Born and raised in Verdun (France), I left my hometown to go study marketing and business in the University of Nancy (France). Upon completing my studies, I decided it was the best time to discover new things, so I packed my bags and took the plane for the first time to live in Dublin (Ireland) for one year. Dublin was another world for me but it was so much fun. This is where I met my wife, who is from Seville (“what a terrible place to live” I thought at the time and suddenly, without even realizing it, here I am living in Seville! Sun, beaches and inexpensive tapas and drinks, I don’t need much more to start enjoying the simple and inspiring way of life the south of Spain is famous for.

During the last 13 years, living in Seville, I discovered some amazing food and traditions built around the local gastronomy. Here, food is a master piece and sharing good food with friends and family is almost sacred. It took me a while to realise I could spend my life eating, so I worked in many different industries, from the tourism industry to the software industry. Although I enjoyed what I did, I always had the feeling that the best was yet to come. When I heard what this crazy French guy, Matthieu Floret was doing in Barcelona, I immediately knew I was destined to bring Food Lover Tour® to Seville.

In 2015 I started Food Lover Tour® Seville and I immediately observed the satisfaction it brought to our guests. The city has it all, it is the typical post card from Spain, the classical southern city with thousands of years of history. It is also a place where you can feel at home with friendly people and a great choice of places to stay. Finally, it is the ultimate kingdom of TAPAS with a variety of flavours and drinks that can hardly be beaten.

Andalusia is where I live and where I want to spend many more years to come. Let me take you wandering through these streets where the TAPAS is king!

Benjamin Vacher

Food Lover Tour® Porto

I am Benjamin, French native, born and raised in Lyon, known as the Capital of the Gastronomy in France! I’ve been rocked from an early age in a foodie environment. I can say I have a truly traveler and food lover background after visiting 5 continents in the world.

Succeeding my master degree in hotel management and tourism, I was offered the possibility to work in Australia to manage a restaurant and then in Morocco managing a luxurious Riad in the heart of Marrakech.

After a few years, I felt the need to go back to Spain, a country I love. I decided to spend 2 years in the Catalan capital: Barcelona, where I worked as a country manager and local expert for a luxurious international travel agency. Later on, love took me to Porto and subsequently I personally felt in Love with the main place of the Northern Portugal. I directly loved the city for his history, culture, kindness of the locals and obviously for the excellent and authentic food! What a dream story ! And how lucky am I now to be able to share my passion with people traveling in Porto don’t you think?