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Rome "Roma Vera" Market Food Tour

Full immersion in a local Italian Market with fresh Roman Food. Market & surroundings, food, and drinks tour. Please come hungry!

Quick Details

Adult Ages 12+
Child Ages 4- 11

Indulge yourself in this delicious experience visiting one of the oldest historical Roman food markets in the Testaccio neighborhood, a two thousand years old quarter, right in the middle of the Roman Empire splendor.

An extraordinary tour leaded by a real Roman and passionate guide who will introduce you to our culinary wonders with the visit of Testaccio area and of course famous market, a sensory carnival where the air is infused with the irresistible aroma of freshly baked bread, rich espresso, and aged cheeses. from artisanal pasta to succulent cured meats, the market is a gastronomic haven.

Eating Roman street food while being immersed in the heart of archaeological wonders is a unique sensation, one which everybody must try once in their lives. The purpose of our ‘Roma Vera’ Market food tour is to make you feel like being a true roman citizen, savoring the classic recipes this eternal city has to offer. A hub of culinary arts with dishes appreciated by gourmets all over the world.

As a Food Lover in Rome Testaccio market is a compulsory place to stop by. It has maintained its authentic more than any other market of its kind, and it offers its visitors the best quality ingredients for all of their recipes.

This unique itinerary winds through bakeries, market stalls displaying the gems of roman cuisine, the old slaughterhouse turned into a museum, and the Monte dei Cocci – a hill entirely made of shards of ancient Roman Jars.

Then to finish the tour and respect our Roman local traditions, you will, with your local expert guide, make a most exquisite and essential stop to savor one of Rome’s most famous pastries and of course…a “Caffè”.