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Top-Rated Spain Portugal France Italy & Turkey Food Tours

"Interesting insight to life in Spain"

We do food tours in almost very city we visit. It is a great way to learn about out of the way restaurants and bars and if you have the right guide, about the history of the city you are visiting. Our guide for the evening was an amazing guide. With her knowledge of art history and her passion for food, the evening was an interesting insight to life in Spain, highlighted by great food and drinks.

– JaninaKrol · TripAdvisor
"Worth every penny"

Amazing food, drinks and education! We learned so much about Spanish food, drinks and culture. We ate at some amazing restaurants we would never be able to find on our own. We had great eating companions as well and was great to meet new people and enjoy an evening with them. This was worth every penny.

– corplawyer17 · TripAdvisor
"Do this food tour!"

This was, by far, our favorite night in Lisbon! Conrad took us to a variety of fantastic places, presented us with incredible food and wine, walked us through some beautiful neighborhoods, and gave us a lesson in the history of the city. We also made new friends on this tour, and we highly recommend it to anyone traveling to Lisbon!

– jimshilts · TripAdvisor
"Best Spain can offer"

This was just such an awesome experience! Our guide was wonderful and the food and drinks were just amazing! Best Spain can offer. We also had a great group of travelers with us, so we had tons of fun as well. Highly recommend!

– Jenny S. · TripAdvisor
"Very enjoyable tour"

We had a great day. Tried some local foods we would never have thought of trying. Will definitely do food tours from now on when we get to new destinations so we have a better idea of appreciating local traditions. Benjamin was informative and friendly, glad we had him as our guide.

– geefromperth · TripAdvisor
"We love this food tour"

We were for 4 days in Spain. 1 day we took culinary tour around Spain trying and learning some Spanish food. Our guide was informative - he told us how to eat in Spanish way and how to select delicious food. We love this food tour, nothing best to do in Spain without it.

– dariuschayanka · TripAdvisor
"Great introduction to Porto"

Excellent tour, well thought out and informative. We received a great guide to the city, both during the tour and afterwards. Ended the evening feeling extremely full, a wee bit tipsy and very well informed! A highlight of our time in Porto, and would highly recommend.

– Becky F. · TripAdvisor

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Sustainable Tours with Local Flavor

Food Lover Tour® is a guided food and wine walking tour company for lovers of good food wishing to explore the local cuisine while having fun and avoiding tourist traps. Eating well, healthy, using local products is the idea. We have carefully designed sustainable food-based menus with our dear partners. Along with our long-time commitment of taking our guests where the locals go, we want to commit to offering authentic and local flavors in the cities we are in. Join us on a culinary adventure today. So far we offer the best food tours in Lisbon, Seville, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Granada, and Porto. Where the locals go, we go!