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Barcelona Tapas Crawl Tour

Get to know the least touristy tapas bars in town!

Quick Details

Adults 12+ years old
Children 2-11 years old

The Original Barcelona Tapas Crawl Tour

Cruasan_foodlovertourJoin us for an authentic tapas bar crawl experience with delicious local foods as well as a short walking and historical tour through some of the city’s typical neighborhoods. See how people eat, live, and do picoteo in Barcelona… Where the locals go, we go!

The origins of the word “picoteo” lie in the verb “picar,” which means eating small bites from several shared plates, also known as “tapeo,” or tapas crawl.

This early evening tapas crawl tour is a short adventure lasting three delicious hours, showcasing what Barcelona’s most authentic and popular restaurants and bars can offer in terms of food and local drinks. Discover a side of Barcelona picoteo that few have the chance to see, savouring the centuries-old legacy of local food culture, vibrant tapas bars and amazing foodie sanctuaries.

It’s a wonderfully fun and informative experience to enjoy in the company of your local tour guide, who shares their tips and insider knowledge as well as their passion for the city. They show you the city they love, away from the overcrowded tourist trails. This picoteo tour is an authentic Mediterranean lifestyle adventure, a delightful four-stop gastronomic experience.

Join us for the best food in town as well as an entertaining foodie adventure known as Barcelona picoteo!

Holiday closures: Sept 11th, Dec 24th, 25th, 31st and Jan 1st

What Our Guests Say

"Knowledgeable and friendly"

We took the Picoteo lover tour and it was their newest tour offered. Our guides Simon and Julia were knowledgeable and friendly. We stopped by 5 different styled, less touristy restaurants in the Eixample area and had a good variety of dishes (meat, salad, seafood, desserts) and wine. We were full by the 4th restaurant as they served around 12 dishes during the tour. We had a great time and it really gave us a great introduction into the Tapas scene in 3 hours!!

– hc927 · TripAdvisor
"Highlight of my trip"

This was my first ever food tour, and it was such a highlight of my trip to Spain. There are a lot of touristy restaurants in Spain, and I really wanted to find where the locals eat and drink. I also really wanted to eat and drink great Spanish food and wines. This tour takes you to really exceptional places. It was a lot of fun, a lot of food and alcohol, and a lot of wonderful memories.

– PandaG · TripAdvisor
"Super authentic and not touristy"

We'd never taken a food tour before, and based on the excellent Tripadvisor reviews, we chose the Picoteo Lover Tour. Our guide showed us around 5 fantastic bars which were super authentic and not touristy, and the food and drink was incredibe at each! The evening was like spending time with a friend who had lots of local knowledge about food, drink and Spain. It was such a once-in-a-lifetime experience and made our holiday to Spain perfect!!

– Sophie G. · TripAdvisor
"Favorite part of my visit"

This was by far my favorite part of my visit to Spain! What a great way to sample all the local cuisine while getting a bit of history and great company. It is a good way to sample a few of the main dishes and drinks in some of the best places in the city. We went hungry and left absolutely stuffed.

– Natalie C. · TripAdvisor
"An excellent experience"

This was an excellent experience. My first time and I was worried at first about the cost and being a big of a big eater. It is definitely worth it as you get to go to 5 different "local" locations without the tourist crowd. By our final stop we all had as much beautiful food as we could get. Our group was diverse and very fun. I would have stayed out later with several of the groups were it not for an early flight. I would recommend this tour and do it again myself!

– Dedrick · Airbnb