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  • Food & History Tour

Bordeaux Food and History Tour

Eat your way through Bordeaux history with contributions from Romans to the Americas on a delicious walking food tour!

Quick Details

Five tastings for 1-2 people 12+ years old
Each following client up to six canelé, ice cream, cheese, charcuterie, wine
Child 2 - 11 years


tomate-food-loverA city like Bordeaux has its own culinary culture and cuisine, but so much has been influenced by the many peoples who have lived here. Starting with Burdigala under the Romans and the subsequent English rule starting with Eleanor (Alienor) of Aquitaine, come taste history with us! We will learn about the evolution of the wine and spice trade with the far East, the triangle shipping trade in the Atlantic and how this created modern Bordeaux. 

Bordeaux’s natural location between farm land in the East and the Atlantic fishing coast in the West, as well as being on the Garonne River, influences the availability of regional foods. We might talk about oysters which have been harvested for nearly 2,000 years here or duck foie gras production in Gironde. We will taste iconic desserts, regional cheeses, and local charcuterie. This is also a great introduction to the wines of Bordeaux, because there is so much more than bold reds!

This is a fun tour for families where we add activities for kids or groups of friends who want to share fun conversation over food and drink. Individuals who want to immerse themselves in food history will equally enjoy this tour. The ultimate foodie tour in Bordeaux, led by people who love and work in the local culinary world!