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8 Popular Spanish Drinks that Everyone Needs to Try

One of the wonderful things about Spain is that you can get a delicious drink any time of the day, no problem. Having a drink is something for enjoyment, so it can accompany lunch, dinner, or be an afternoon treat. Here are 8 popular Spanish drinks that the locals love, and you will, too. Cerveza…

Brewpubs in Barcelona as seen by a Belgian Brewer

The author of this post, Alex Lazarowicz, is the founder of Barna-Brew, a new brewpub in Sant Antoni, Barcelona. Falling for Belgian beers and for Barcelona, he made the journey to unite the two through Barna-Brew. Although the craft beer scene has been booming for a number of years in Barcelona, it is the proliferation…

4 Spots to get the Freshest Beer with the Best Atmosphere in Seville

Summer is still here! And you can be confident that the high temperatures will remain through October, so keep this list in mind if you want the best spots for the freshest beer and good atmosphere in Seville! How beautiful is Seville, the monuments are stunning, the tapas are tasty and the climate is perfect….


If you’re a craft beer lover and miss a good, refreshing and familiar taste while you visit Barcelona, don’t get all nostalgic! Barcelona has plenty of amazing craft breweries with traditional and creative choices including all sorts of ALE, IPA, lager, stout, wheat, pilsner and so on. Some of them are both breweries and bars…