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A Quick List of the Top Food in Porto You Need to Try

A Quick List of the Top Food in Porto You Need to Try

One of the first things that every foodie wants to know when they’re visiting a new city is what they should eat. For many, trying local cuisine is one of the top reasons to travel in itself! Before you head off to Porto, the gastronomic capital of Portugal, you need the inside scoop on the best local dishes. These must-eats are among the best food in Porto!


What's your favorite food in Porto?

Photo by WordRidden on Visual hunt / CC BY

The francesinha is THE food in Porto, what the locals crave and devour regularly. Be sure to bring your appetite to conquer this mountain of a sandwich! Ham, sausage, or other roast meats are stuffed between two pieces of bread, smothered in melted cheese and gravy, and topped off with a fried egg. It usually comes with french fries on the side to sop up the gravy and juices. Rumor has it that the best francesinha in town is at Café Santiago!


Leitaria da Quinta do Paco bagan as a dairy shop in 1920 and by 1950 this shop was selling their take on the traditional French pastry. Instead of egg custard, fluffy whipped cream serves as the filling for this tasty delight. You can find them all over the city these days, and éclairs are so popular that they’re considered by the locals to be the official pastry of Porto.

Tripas à moda do Porto

There's so much food in Porto that you just need to eat!

Photo by visitporto on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

If you’ve ever been scared of trying tripe before, don’t be! Tripas à modo do Porto is a meaty stew with tripe, sausage, chicken, beans, and other meat, mixed with veggies and spices. Tripe has been a popular food in Porto for centuries, a shining example of using the whole animal and wasting nothing. This is a delicious dish you need to try at least once during your stay in Porto to really get a taste of what the locals love to eat.

Alheira sausage

Alheira is a white sausage that is a mix of all kinds of ingredients and smoked for several days. Typically, this sausage includes white poultry, like chicken, turkey, and partridge. Occasionally, alheira can contain rabbit, veal, or pork, but it always has garlic and paprika for flavoring. This sausage is a popular lunch option, along with French fries and a fried egg. Additionally, you can order alheira as a petisco to share as a hearty snack.

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Bolinhos de bacalhau

These are some of the best food in Porto!

Photo by Chris Benseler on VisualHunt / CC BY

Rich and delicious (are you sensing a trend here?), bolinhos de bacalhau are just one of the many amazing ways that the Portuguese prepare codfish, one of the city’s most popular proteins. A batter of cod, potato, onion and parsley are rolled together and fried until golden and crispy. Be careful, it’s impossible to only eat just one!


Açorda is a simple-but-tasty-dish that locals love. It’s an easy soup that’s thought of as peasant cuisine because it’s so cheap to make. The flavor and color of this dish comes from cilantro, the key ingredient. Poached eggs inside make it filling enough to be a full meal, one that would keep the farmers tided over for hours while working the fields. Garlic and salt give it an extra boost of flavor that will keep you coming back for more.

Bacalhau com natas

Last but not least, cod makes a second appearance on our list, cementing it as a favorite food in Porto. This time, it comes in the form of bacalhau com natas. This decadent dish is a favorite in Portugal and has many variations and preparation methods. This dish is a casserole of cod, potatoes, and heavy cream, crispy on the top and and rich and creamy inside. It’s decadent and absolutely delightful, and showcases just one of the many ways that the Portuguese worship cod.

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