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Where to Get a Delicious Bocadillo de Calamares in Madrid

Where to Get a Delicious Bocadillo de Calamares in Madrid

You’ve heard of paella and cocido madrileño, but there’s one dish that tops them all in Madrid: the bocadillo de calamares. This simple and unassuming sandwich is a local favorite and can be found all over the city. However, not every sandwich is created equal. Here are five spots where you can pick up a delicious sandwich that’s worth every bite.

What is a bocadillo de calamares, exactly?

Who doesn't love a bocadillo de calamares?

Photo by amanderson2 on VisualHunt / CC BY

This dish is so simple, yet so irresistible. A freshly-baked roll is split down the middle and stuffed with thick, juicy rings of fried squid. Usually, the squid is cooked to order so it’s hot and crispy, never soggy. Most places will usually give their quid a spritz of lemon juice and a shake of sea salt to enhance the flavor. Although optional, a hearty dollop of garlicky ali-oli sauce on top really rounds off this sandwich nicely. The best part? The price! A good bocadillo de calamares is anywhere from 2.70-6€ depending on the size, and paired with an ice-cold beer it just can’t be beat.

Bar La Campana

Bar La Campana is at the top of the list when it comes to bocadillos de calamares. It’s known by the locals that all the best spots to get a good squid sandwich are in and around Plaza Mayor, and this little bar is no exception. Just off the plaza, La Campana is always packed with locals waiting to grab a sandwich any time of day. Count on waiting in line a bit, but you’ll see why it’s worth the wait after just one bite. And for only 2.70€ for a delicious squid sandwich, it doesn’t get any better.

Address: Calle de Botoneras, 6

La Ideal

A bocadillo de calamares is good any time!

Photo by Iker Merodio | Photography on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND

La Ideal is right next door to La Campana and really gives them a run for their money when it comes to this famous sandwich. While they have a nice tapas menu, the bocadillo de calamares is the star of the menu. This place is always quite crowded with locals, who have the custom of dropping their napkins on the floor as they eat. In Madrid, they say the more napkins a tapas bar has on the floor, the better the place. Tasty sandwiches, great prices, and unbeatable location.

Address: Calle de Botoneras, 4

Bar Postas

Bar Postas is also near Plaza Mayor, on a side street off the opposite end from La Campana and La Ideal. This is a classic tapas bar offers simple, yet delectable, traditional tapas. You can get a beer and a bocadillo de calamares for less than 5€, which you can enjoy at the bar or take away to eat on the go.

Address: Calle de Postas, 13 

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Casa Rúa

A crispy, delicious bocadillo de calamares is perfection!

Photo by Alejandro Castro on / CC BY-NC-SA

Casa Rúa‘s house specialty is their bocadillo de calamares, so it’s only natural that this place makes our list of locals-approved spots. It’s one of the cheapest tapas bars around Plaza Mayor, which is one of the factors of its popularity. For just a few euros, you can have a tasty bocadillo, cold beer, and great ambiance all at your disposal.

Address: Calle de Ciudad Rodrigo, 35

Cervecería Sol Mayor

Somewhere between Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor, you’ll find Cervecería Sol Mayor. This tapas bar has a variety of dishes, but the stars of the show are the different kinds of fish they fry up fresh on the spot. This includes squid for a scrumptious bocadillo de calamares. Everything here is “BBB” as Spaniards say: bueno, bonito, barato!

Address: Calle de Postas, 5

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