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7 Amazing Markets in Porto that You Need to Check Out

7 Amazing Markets in Porto that You Need to Check Out

A city’s markets can tell you so much about the way its local residents eat, cook, shop, and go about their daily lives. Porto is no exception, and this city in northern Portugal has many bustling marketplaces to discover. Whether you prefer to browse for souvenirs, check out the latest fashion trends, or sample the local food and drink, there’s a market for you. These 7 markets in Porto have a little bit of everything!

Bolhão Market

Bolhão Market is one of the most popular food markets in Porto

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To get a peek at Porto’s cuisine, you need to start at the source of its fresh ingredients. The Bolhão Market is one of the most popular food markets in Porto, and no trip to the city is complete without a stop here. Walking from stall to stall, you can see the day’s haul of produce, local meats, fish, and dairy products. This market also has a few cafés on the ground floor where you can savor delicious Portuguese dishes for very reasonable prices. Make sure that you bring your appetite!

Address: R. Formosa, 4000-214

Vandoma Flea Market

In the mornings, along the Duoro River near the Sé Cathedral, the streets come alive with sights, sounds, and second-hand treasures. The Vandoma Flea Market takes place from 8AM-1PM on Saturdays and is the place to find just about any vintage item your heart desires. Even if you’re not keen to buy, this is one of the markets in Porto that you’ll want to walk through just for the fun of it. Additionally, the Vandoma is one of the city’s oldest and most historical flea markets.

Address: Av. 25 de Abril

Porto Belo Market

Markets in Porto have a little bit of everythingThe Porto Belo Market in Porto gets its name from the world-famous Portobello Road market in London, and sits in the beautiful Praça de Carlos Alberto. The gorgeous tiles that seem to cover every wall in Porto draw your eye to this market, but what keeps you looking is the enchanting array of goods for sale. On Saturday afternoons, sellers set up shop here to show off clothing items, vinyl records, vintage accessories, handmade goods, and so much more.

Address: Praça de Carlos Alberto, 4050-157

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Mercado Municipal de Matosinhos

Looking for fresh fish and seafood? Make your way to the Mercado Municipal de Matosinhos. This market has a prime location near the port, so each day fishermen haul in the fresh catch to sell right at the market. Also, close by  there is a plethora of seafood restaurants where you can get a taste of the best that the sea has to offer.

Address: R. França Júnior, 4450-718

Mercado Bom Sucesso

Markets in Porto have so much to discover!Overload your senses at the Mercado Bom Sucesso, another food market that features the best local products around. Take a deep breath and smell the tempting scents of delicious food as fas as the eyes can see. Look and listen around you, as this market is also host to several cultural events and performers. Musicians play here regularly to entertain the crowds, adding to the excitement of the atmosphere. It’s a feast for your senses in every possible way.

Address: Praça do Bom Sucesso 74-90

The Urban Market

Trendy, unique, and with its finger on the pulse to all things stylish in Porto, The Urban Market is a must. This is definitely one of the most untraditional markets in Porto and so much fun. Some things that you might find on display include contemporary furniture and home decor, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and unique clothing. This market has two locations that it floats between, so be sure to check out their website to stay tuned where it will set up camp next!

Address: Praça das Cardosas or Hard Club

Mercado Beira-Rio de Vila Nova de Gaia

This indoor food market on the river is a foodie’s dream come true. Stop by the restaurants and food stands inside to get a taste of some of the best local food around, traditional dishes that the residents of Porto love. This market is also quite close to the famous wine cellars, so afterward you can hop over and sample the wine that puts Porto on the map.

Address: Av. de Ramos Pinto 4400

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