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A Quick List of the Best Tapas Bars in Granada

A Quick List of the Best Tapas Bars in Granada

Tapas bars hopping and eating well are a way of life in Granada, where everything moves at a leisurely pace and is meant to be savored. It’s an exciting discovery to sample the region’s traditional dishes and marvel at the simplicity and depth of flavors in Spanish cuisine. Weaving in and out of tapas bars, from classic and authentic to trendy and modern, eating has another meaning in this city. To really understand the city’s vibe, you need to stop by the best tapas bars in Granada.

Bar Los Diamantes

With just one bite you'll find out why Los diamantes is one of the best tapas bars in Granada

Photo by pierpeter on / CC BY

When you ask any local for a recommendation as to where to eat in Granada, Bar Los Diamantes is surely the first name on their lips. This oldie but goodie first opened its doors in 1942, serving mouth-watering fried fish and local favorites like fried eggplant and gambas pil-pil. You can still find these classics on the menu today, and you’ll most likely get a little plate of fried fish every time you order a drink. There’s no better pairing than an ice-cold beer and hot, fresh seafood!

Address: Plaza Nueva, 13

Taberna La Tana

Taberna La Tana is a family-run tapas bar that does it right in Granada: a free tapa with every drink that you order. This little bar really draws in a crowd as soon as the doors open at 8:30 PM, so be sure to get there early to squeeze in. From simple meats and cheeses to rich rice and vegetable dishes, Taberna La Tana really knows how to highlight the best of local cuisine. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because the late, great Anthony Bourdain proclaimed it one of the best tapas bars in Granada during his visit.

Address: Placeta del Agua, 3

Bodegas Castañeda

Discover all the best tapas bars in Granada!

Photo by amanderson2 on / CC BY

Eating at Bodegas Castañeda isn’t just a meal, it’s an experience. Spanish ham legs hang from the ceilings, ready to be cut into. Napkins and toothpicks from hungry diners litter the floor, a sign of a good meal. What makes this spot one of the best tapas bars in Granada is the variety of food and quality wines. Paella and meat dishes are the stars of the menu which pair perfectly with the barrels of wine and vermouth on tap. And of course, you’ll get a free tasty tapa with each delicious pour that you order.

Address: Calle Almireceros, 1-3

Bar Minotauro

After a day of sightseeing and visiting the Alhambra, you’re sure to work up quite an appetite. Stop by Bar Minotauro nearby, a favorite when it comes to cheap tapas and delicious wine. This little place has friendly service and a cozy atmosphere that draws you in, along with the rich aroma of Spanish cuisine wafting from the kitchen. Some favorite dishes are berenjenas con miel and pork sandwiches, although everything on the menu is exquisite. For home-cooking done right, this is your place.

Address: Calle Imprenta, 6

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La Pajuana

La Pajuana offers customers something different: fusion tapas but without all the bells and whistles. The menu gets inspiration from cuisine from all over the globe, so if you’re burned out on typical Spanish fare, give La Pajuana a try. The atmosphere is funky, the staff is warm and friendly, and the food is unique and delicious.

Address: Calle Virgen del Rosario, 10

Bodega La Antigualla

The best tapas bars in Granada are waiting for you to discover!

Photo by fred_v on / CC BY

Bodega La Antigualla is an authentic, lively place with cold beer and tasty house wine on tap, and a delicious free tapa to go along with each glass that you order. This casual place is one of the best tapas bars in Granada because it stays open all day, even when other bars close up shop after lunch. Hunger knows no schedule, so you can count on Bodega La Antigualla to satisfy all day long.

Address: Plaza Nueva, 2

Los Manueles

Los Manueles has a wonderful location near the river in the lively Plaza Nueva. Because of this, Los Manueles is always hopping with both locals and tourists alike. Classic Spanish comfort food like paella, stewed pork, and meatballs are a few of the most popular dishes you’ll find on the menu. Hearty, satisfying, and filling, you’ll want to savor every bite!

Address: Calle Reyes Católicos, 61

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