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6 of the Most Irresistible Sweets and Desserts in Granada


Spain is famous around the world for its exquisite cuisine that attracts foodies from all over the world. Paella, jamón ibérico, and Spanish omelette, to name a few, are just a few of the dishes that make mouths water. However, desserts are just as important, even though they sometimes don’t get the attention they deserve. If you’re in Granada, you’ll notice some sweet treats that you can’t get anywhere else that you absolutely need to try. Here are 6 desserts in Granada that you just can’t miss!


Piononos are among the most famous desserts in Granada

Photo by CharlieOnTravel on Trend Hype / CC BY

Piononos are little pastries that originate from the town Santa Fe, which is just next door to Granada. While there are many versions of piononos around the world, the best-known one is from Granada. These little cakes are rolled up pastry dough that get slathered in a sweet syrup and topped with toasted cream. You can polish one off in just one or two bites, so be careful! The locals know that the best place to get piononos are at Casa La Isla, a delicious, traditional bakery in Santa Fe.

Lágrimas de Boabdil

Much of the food, history, and culture in modern-day Granada calls back to its long history as being part of the Moorish caliphate from 711-1492 AD. One dessert that embodies the city’s past is lágrimas de Baobdil. This crunchy cake gets its name from Boabdil, the last Nasrid king of Granada. When Granada fell to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in 1492, he was sent to live in exile in the Alpujarras mountains. On the way, he shed tears (lágrimas) for ending 800 years of Moorish control in Spain. So, this cake, which has Moorish origins, was given its name from the legend of Boabdil. The base is sweet and almondy and is topped with a delicious raspberry sauce. It’s one of the tastiest desserts in Granada that tells the story of the city’s past!

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Soplillos de la Alpujarra

Another sweet treat with Moorish roots is soplillos de la AlpujarraSoplillos de la Alpujarra are from the villages in the mountains of Granada, using a recipe that is centuries-old. These Moorish merengues have almonds and honey, typical ingredients from Granada, whipped together with egg whites. They’re super light, fluffy, and irresistible. With a hint of lemon and sugar, these sweets are the perfect balance of flavors.


The local bakery is the best place to get desserts in Granada!

Photo by avinashbhat on Trend Hype / CC BY-SA

Another dessert from the Alpujarras is pestiño, a crunchy little treat that’s popular around the holidays. Little tubes of dough made from sesame, lemon, and anise are deep-fried in olive oil until crispy and golden. The finishing touch is a glaze of sugar and honey for sweetness. Pestiños are available in bakeries in Granada all year round, but are especially popular around Easter and Christmas.

Torta Real de Motril

Motril is a town on the Mediterranean coast that is home to one of the most tempting desserts in Granada. Torta de Motril features many of the key ingredients from the sweets we’ve already listed, like sugar, almonds, egg whites, and lemon. The cake is crumbly and simple, but it gets an extra punch of sweetness from a sugary glaze on top. This cake is a favorite among the locals and represents the more modern side of Granada, since the recipe is less than 200 years old.

Huesos de Santo

Huesos de Santo are a treat for November 1st, All Saints’ Day in Spain. These sweets get their name, holy bones, because of the holiday and their shape. These small, white tubes of marzipan are hollow, like a bone, and then filled with “marrow”, or a blend of egg yolk and sugar. These special treats only come around once a year, so be sure to snag them while you can!

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