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In 2019, Andalucía Boasts Much of the Best Olive Oil in the World

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One of the keys to success in Spanish cuisine is high-quality olive oil. There is almost no dish that doesn’t include it in some way, and the Spaniards consider this ingredient to be liquid gold. It should come as no surprise then that a recent ranking states that the Spanish province of Andalucía claims a wide majority of the best olive oil in the world. 7 out of 10, to be exact!

Spanish olive oil

Everyone knows the best olive oil is from Spain!

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Spain is one of the largest producers of olive oil in the world. It’s mild, Mediterranean climate, especially in the southern region of Andalucía, is ideal for growing a variety of olives. These olives are the source of premium olive oil that is sold in many countries around the world, and locally, at home. As it is such an important part of the country’s cuisine, economy, and identity, Spain takes so much pride in its gold-standard olive oil. So when the best olive oil of the year was announced at the Evooleum Awards in Madrid, it came as no surprise that Andalucía claimed 7 of the top 10 oils, among many other exciting accolades.

The Evooleum Awards

The Evooleum Awards in Madrid recognized the best olive oil from around the globe. The Evooleum Guide is a publication that rounds up and ranks the top 100 extra virgin oils every year. From these 100, winners are chosen for several awards. Some categories include:

  • Absolute Best Evooleum
  • Evooleum Top10
  • Best of each country
  • Best Blend
  • Best Monovarietal
  • Best Organic
  • Best of each variety
  • Best PDO
  • Best of Northern and Southern Hemispheres

A panel of expert judges from several nations critique each extra virgin olive oil on things like aroma, taste, color, and purity. Each sample then receives a score from 0-100. Then, the 100 extra virgin olive oils with the most points make the Evooleum Guide for the year. Additionally, the panel selects a winner for each of the categories, including the top prize, Absolute Best.

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Andalucía takes many of the top honors in 2019

Andalucia is so proud to have the best olive oil in the world

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After the tasting, the judges announced the winners of the top honors. 7 of the top 10 oils of the year came from the provinces of Jaén and Córdoba, in Andalucía. Jaén, especially, is a powerhouse in Spain when it comes to producing incredible olive oil. So when the Absolute Best 2019, Oro Bailén Picual, was announced, it came as no surprise that it was from this province.

In addition to 7 of the Top10 being from Jaén and Córdoba alone, a total of 56 oils from Andalucía made the top 100 list. This is quite an achievement! Carmen Crespo, the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development in Andalucía, participated in the awards ceremony in Madrid. On andaluz products receiving more than 50% of the ceremony’s awards, she told Córdoba Buenas Noticias that “Today we feel very Andalusian, very Spanish.”

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