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tortilla de patatas

A Recipe for Spanish Omelette That is as Good as Abuela’s

Ask any Spaniard what their favorite foods are and chances are that Spanish omelette, or tortilla de patatas, will make the list. This simple, yet irresistible, dish is one of those comfort foods that everyone knows how to make, but no two tortillas are usually the same. Every Spaniard will claim that their mother or…

Our 5 Favorite Places to Eat Tortilla Española (Spanish omelette) in Madrid

The tortilla española o tortilla de patatas is a classic Spanish dish found all around Spain, from north to south, with almost the same recipe and ingredients. There is nothing so simple and tasty: low temperature deep fried potatoes, olive oil, minced onion, whipped eggs and salt. It’s an easy recipe when you know the…