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A Recipe for Spanish Omelette That is as Good as Abuela’s

A Recipe for Spanish Omelette That is as Good as Abuela's

Ask any Spaniard what their favorite foods are and chances are that Spanish omelette, or tortilla de patatas, will make the list. This simple, yet irresistible, dish is one of those comfort foods that everyone knows how to make, but no two tortillas are usually the same. Every Spaniard will claim that their mother or grandmother’s tortilla is the best in the world, and they won’t hear otherwise! Luckily, Spanish omelette is quite easy to prepare, so here is a recipe that will soon become your new favorite!

What is Spanish omelette?

Spanish omelette is one of the most popular tapas in Spain

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Tortilla de patatas is a classic Spanish dish that is so popular because of its simplicity, versatility, and of course, taste! As the name implies, this dish is an omelette stuffed with potato and, usually, onion. Wars have been started over whether or not onion belongs in a Spanish omelette, so choose your stance carefully! The beauty about tortilla de patatas is that you can add your own special touches, or adjust the recipe to your preferences. Onion or no onion, runny or cooked though, the choice is up to you. You can throw in additional ingredients, like other veggies or chorizo, for some extra flavor, as well. With just a handful of ingredients, you can prepare an unforgettable, classic Spanish meal!

What you’ll need

You don’t need much to pull of a mouth-watering Spanish omelette. You can also adjust the recipe to your tastes and for the amount of people that you’re serving. The recipe below yields about 4 servings. For the standard Spanish omelette, you will need the following:

  • 6-7 eggs, the fresher the better
  • 3 large potatoes for frying, about 650 grams
  • 1 onion, yellow or white
  • Extra-virgin olive oil
  • salt

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How to make a delicious tortilla de patatas

Spanish omelette, or tortilla de patatas

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  1. First, wash, peel, and then thinly slice your potatoes. The thinner you slice them, the faster they will cook, saving you time. Once you’ve finished the potatoes, dice the onion into small pieces.
  2. Pour a generous amount of olive oil into a pan over medium heat. Don’t be afraid to give the oil a healthy pour! This will help to soften the potatoes and onion. Once the oil is up to temp, add in the sliced potatoes and onion, and season with salt.
  3. Stir the potatoes and onion as the mixture softens in the pan. You don’t want the potatoes to fry, but become nice and soft and the onion to become translucent. This takes about 20 minutes or so. While the potatoes and onion are softening, crack and beat the eggs well in a large bowl. You can add a bit of the salt to the eggs if you like.
  4. Once the potato and onion mixture is soft, remove from heat and drain excess oil in a glass or jar for later use. Let the potatoes cool for a few minutes, and then add the potatoes and onion into the bowl of eggs. Put a little oil back into the pan so that the eggs don’t stick, and then pour the mixture back into the pan. Let the Spanish omelette cook until the edges are firm.
  5. Now you need to flip the omelette! Take a plate that’s just a bit bigger than the pan and use it to cover. Now, in one swift motion, flip the tortilla de patatas onto the plate so that the uncooked side is on the plate and the cooked side is face-up. Once the omelette is on the plate, gently slide it back into the pan so the uncooked side can firm up. Let the tortilla cook a few minutes more. You’ll know it’s done when the edges are cooked through.

Serving notes

Tortilla de patatas is quite versatile, so you can enjoy it hot from the pan, or cold over bread as a pincho or in a sandwich. Don’t be afraid to add in vegetables like bell peppers, zucchini, or artichokes, or chorizo if you want to change things up. Spanish omelette is great because the recipe is flexible and you can discover your favorite way to enjoy it!

And there you have it! A simple recipe for one of the most emblematic dishes in Spain! If you love Spanish omelette, join Food Lover Tour on a food tour to sample delicious tortilla de patatas and so many other tasty tapas!