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Malaga’s Best Tapas Bars: 6 Tapas Bars You Need to Eat At

Malaga's Best Tapas Bars: 6 Tapas Bars You Need to Eat At

If there’s one thing that comes to mind when you think of Spain, it’s delicious food! Malaga in particular has no shortage of restaurants, tapas bars, and cafés where you can sample the local fare. With so many dining options, how do you know where to find Malaga’s best tapas bars? Here are some suggestions where you can sample the tastiest tapas and culinary creations in bright, sunny Malaga!

La Deriva

Ensaladilla rusa is a favorite in Malaga's best tapas barsStarting off our list is La Deriva, a classic tapas bar with some of Malaga’s best tapas. This tapas bar has many of the traditional tapas that you would expect, all with a creative twist. Fusion cuisine is at it’s best when old recipes meet modern techniques and flavors. This restaurant is always trying to surprise its patrons with new takes on their favorite tapas. If you enjoy seafood, then you definitely want to eat at La Deriva! The fresh catch from Malaga’s shores pairs really well with their extensive wine list. All of the ingredients are high quality, with a focus on fresh, local products.

Address: Alameda Colón, 7

La Farola de Orellana

La Farola de Orellana is a neighborhood favorite that is always listed as one of Malaga’s best tapas bars. “Farola” means lighthouse in Spanish, which is fitting since this tapas bar is a beacon of delicious cuisine among all the restaurants in Malaga. Favorite dishes include the patatas bravas, pimientos del padrón, and caracoles (snails). Anything you order is sure to leave you wanting more, since it keeps bringing customers back for its comida casera.

Address: Calle Moreno Monroy, 5

Mesón Lo Güeno

Join Food Lover Tour and discover Malaga's best tapas bars!Discover culinary tradition in the heart of the city at Mesón Lo Güeno, another of Malaga’s best tapas bars. Since 1967, this tapas restaurant has kept foodies coming back for their tasty dishes and great service. To get a taste of Malaga, you should try the porra antequerana, bacalao a la malagueña, and any of the seafood dishes. You can pick from any of the local wines to make the meal even more authentic!

Address: Calle Marín García, 12

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Kill your hunger at Matahambre, as the name of the bar suggests, when you indulge on the delicious food and generous portions served at this place. Matahambre combines tapas classics with international cuisine to create something new and exciting. Try traditional tapas like croquetas, patatas bravas, and buñuelos, or opt for something modern and exotic. Top tapas include chicken tikka with mango chutney, salmon carpaccio with pesto, and marinated tuna with seaweed and wasabi. Matahambre is the place to go to for delicious tapas that stretch out over the Spanish border.

Address: Calle Calderería, 7

El Mesón de Cervantes

Malaga's best tapas are waiting for you!Prepare your taste buds for a real treat at El Mesón de Cervantes! This little joint is always packed, so be sure to book a table or get there early. Creativity rules the menu here as the tapas are a blend of Spanish classics with an Argentinian twist. The restaurant’s owner came to Malaga from Argentina in 2008 and loved it so much that he created El Mesón de Cervantes. Varied tapas and an extensive wine list are just a few of the things that make this tapas bar so special. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, too, so you’ll soon become a repeat customer of this tapas restaurant.

Address: Calle Álamos, 11

Mesón Ibérico

Take a cue from the locals and make your way to Mesón Ibérico where you will best traditional Malaga cuisine. The warm and friendly staff will welcome you and share their passion for delicious Spanish food. This has been a hot spot with the locals for 20 years, since the tasty tapas and lively atmosphere keep bringing people back. Try the boquerones fritos, selection of Iberian meats, or fresh seafood to get a taste of the restaurant’s cuisine. Wash it all down with their famous sangria and you’re all set!

Address: Calle San Lorenzo, 27

To get a real taste of tapas in Malaga, join Food Lover Tour for an authentic culinary experience! We take you to some of Malaga’s best tapas bars where the locals themselves love to eat and drink. Come experience Malaga through its food with us!