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Our 5 Favorite Places to Eat Tortilla Española (Spanish omelette) in Madrid


The tortilla española o tortilla de patatas is a classic Spanish dish found all around Spain, from north to south, with almost the same recipe and ingredients. There is nothing so simple and tasty: low temperature deep fried potatoes, olive oil, minced onion, whipped eggs and salt. It’s an easy recipe when you know the proper tips and details. But where are the best places to eat tortilla española in Madrid?

The following 5 bars and taverns have been cooking amazing tortilla española for years, we tried their versions for you and this is the Food Lover Tour tortilla de patatas ranking in Madrid.

  1. Juana la Loca (Plaza Puerta de Moros, 4)

Reinventing  this traditional recipe is not something effortless. In this modern ‘pintxos’ bar they do it in a perfect way. Caramelized potatoes make a sweeter and delicious thick omelette. Located in a very famous area close to downtown, called La Latina, Juana la Loca bar is usually frequented by people of all ages. We suggest you to try their juicy tortilla española with a caña, a glass of ice cold draft beer from Madrid.

Tortilla de patatas Juana la Loca

Tortilla de patatas Juana la Loca 2

  1. SYLKAR Bar (Espronceda, 17)

From 1970, almost during fifty years, they’ve kept their own recipe. Since morning, potatoes and onion are deep fried in a huge pan. You’ll find a traditional Madrid bar atmosphere, people talking loud, free and easily. You can order onion omelette, no onion, whole one or half one, no less…They’ll serve you this almost deconstructed ‘tortilla’ that we love, and you will too. Trusted.

The spot is also famous for ‘Torrijas’, an Easter’s dessert that you can try all year round here. So you’ll have the main dish and the dessert in the same place. A good deal in this ‘omelette temple’.

Tortilla de patatas Sylkar

Tortilla de patatas Sylkar 2

  1. Casa Dani Inside Mercado de la Paz (Ayala, 28)

Every morning at 6.30 for more than 25 years, the old stoves begin to work in Casa Dani, located inside of Mercado de la Paz, in the Salamanca district. At 7.00 o’clock, the first tortillas de patatas are ready. They sell more than 200 Spanish omelettes, taken away included, and more than 300 on Fridays.

They divide each in quarters, similar pieces, €2.50 each, you can buy as well the whole‘tortilla’ for €10. Their secret, the glazed onion in the mix and the best and freshest ingredients bought daily in the same market where they are. This family-owned ‘market cuisine business’ is totally guaranteed.

Tortilla de patatas Casa Dani

Tortilla de patatas Casa Dani 2

Tortilla de patatas Casa Dani 3

  1. Taberna Pedraza (Ibiza, 40)

Santiago, the owner, told me he only uses corn fed hens free-range eggs, laid between 24 – 36 hours before cooking. And the potatoes have to be from Galicia. And this is not a chef whim. His tortilla de patatas is a Betanzos (Galician town) style one. They turn it several times in the pan so the flavors blend into each other. Same ingredients but a different cooking (its liquid inside), make this Spanish omelette the most particular of the ranking. Very high quality stuff and really interesting!

Tortilla de patatas Taberna Pedraza

  1. Bodegas La Ardosa (Colón, 13)

The most recommended and famous, the place is just amazing, an old-timer well preserved XIX century spot, owned by the same family from the beginning, back in 1892. They keep the original tortilla de patatas recipe. Onion sliced into julienne strips, potatoes sliced into 3 millimeters thick wedges, all deep fried in extra virgin olive oil for 30 minutes, then they drain the oil and the whipped eggs are added. The mix is finally fried half a minute each side and ‘voila!’ They obtain the most creeeeeeeamy, awesome, delicious and tasty Spanish omelette. A must!

This ancient tavern was the first Spanish Pilsen Urkell beer dealer, and they offer a craft vermouth also, so you already know how to pair their high quality traditional dishes.

Tortilla de patatas Bodegas La Ardosa

Is your favorite spot for tortilla de patatas in Madrid on this list? Do you want to add another place? Tell us about it in the comments section!

Tortilla de patatas in Madrid