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Spanish Wine by Region Series: Catalan Wines

Spanish Wine by Region Series: Catalan Wines

In Part 2 of our series of exploring the world of Spanish wine, we are taking a closer look at Catalan wines! Wines from Catalonia are famous around the world for their full-bodied taste, high alcohol content, and distinct grape varietals when compared to other Spanish wines. Catalan wines are just as passionate as the…

Spanish Wine by Region Series: Andalusian Wines

Spanish Wines by Region Series: Andalusian Wines

On our food tours, we love to share our passion for Spanish cuisine with our guests, immersing them in Spanish culture and gastronomy. Just as important as the food is the wine that is paired with every course. Every region of Spain produces its own wine, and has done so for generations. Wine is an…

The Man Behind the New Book about Women in Winemaking

Women in Winemaking

We at Food Lover Tour are big lovers of good food and wine and love being able to share our passions with others. One of our guides in Barcelona, Zoltan Nagy, has shared his passion for wine in his first book that was recently published, Reinas de Copas. It’s an inside guide to women in winemaking…

4 Catalan Cavas That Will Blow Your Mind

4 Catalan Cavas That Will Blow Your Mind

This post is a contribution of our good friend Zoltan Csaba Nagy, a Transylvanian sommelier, writer, journalist and food guide at Food Lover Tour, living in Barcelona since 2010. For many people, cava is the exclusive drink of the summer. The subtle tingling in the nose caused by cavas is the anticipation of a pleasant evening…

Spanish Wine by Region and Type Infographics

Spanish Wine by Region Infographic

A GLIMPSE AT THE SPANISH WINE INDUSTRY Wine Lover Tour - Best wine tasting in Barcelona “The increasing sophistication of Spanish consumers was the major factor impacting the wine industry in Spain during 2015, with the use of new technologies boosting their knowledge of the subject. Customers…

Amazing Catalan Wines to watch for in 2017

Catalan Wines

“La Guia de vins de Catalunya” (Catalonia Wine Guide), released last month in Barcelona, presents the result of 1381 blind tastings from 282 Catalan wineries. Created in 2008 by Jordi Alcover and Silvia Naranjo, this year’s edition was showcased at the Teatre Liceu of Barcelona, a renowned scene in Catalan culture. The following prizes were awarded during the gala:

The Art of Catalan “Cava” and the difference to French “Champagne”

The Art of Catalan “Cava” and the difference to French “Champagne”

A lot of our customers ask us during the Food Lover tours about Cava and the difference between Cava and Champagne.  In this article, you will find specific explanations about it and additionally our recommendations for Cava Bars in Barcelona. So what are the differences between these two popular Sparklers? The real “Champagne” can only…

Wine in Spain: Facts & Figures


Wine in Spain are classified as D.O (Denominación de Origen) Designation of Origin is part of a regulatory classification system in Spain. It is also known in some other countries such as A.O.C in France (Appelation d’Origine Contrôlé) or I.G.T in Italy (Indicazione Geografica Tipica). Spain is the third biggest producer of wine in the…

Spanish Wine and Cheese Pairing


Choosing a good Spanish wine and cheese pairing is not easy! How many wines, how many cheeses do we have in Spain? Well, a lot! Wine Lover Tour - Best wine tasting in BarcelonaIf we consider that we have more than 80 types of cheese, with 23…