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Spanish Wine and Cheese Pairing


Choosing a good Spanish wine and cheese pairing is not easy! How many wines, how many cheeses do we have in Spain? Well, a lot!

Wine Lover Tour - Best wine tasting in BarcelonaIf we consider that we have more than 80 types of cheese, with 23 of them classified as Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P – Denominación de Origen Protegida), and 69 types of wine (regions) with the D.O label, according to the respected ICEX, when it comes to buying cheese and a bottle of wine, it can become a dilemma.

There are no rules about a good harmony for a Spanish wine and cheese pairing. The most important thing is to enjoy the moment with pleasure. As advice, it is important to find a wine that can go well along with different varieties of cheese so that you can serve it throughout dinner at home.

Just to mention a few local examples, with a fresh and dry white wine from the Penedès or even a Rosé, Food Lover would recommend a soft pasteurized cow or goat cheese from Cantabria or l’Alt d’Urgell.

With a red wine from the Priorat, we would suggest a strong “curado” goat or sheep cheese, and a blue cheese, like Valdeón, could also be a good option. Even more so, a fermented cheese such as a Gaztazarra.

Wine is not the only drink that can be paired. You can also pair cheese with beer, don’t be shy! For example, a good light beer can be paired with a soft cow cheese.


wine and cheese pairing diagram

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Oh! And it goes without saying that chocolate is also a great pairing with wine AND beer! But that’s another story…