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Good, Useful Apps if you Plan a Trip to Barcelona


“Apps’cuse me, do you know the way to get to…” This would be the typical scene of a tourist lost in the streets of any city with their map, trying to get attention from “runners”  avoiding you because they are in a hurry. Well, unfortunately, this scene happens to almost all of us at least once. You don’t speak “local”and you’re afraid and don’t really want to ask for help. Then, finally, what happens is that you go in the wrong direction! Oh, a special mention of your partner who now is mad at you because the night is coming and you are lost! Oh dear, what a lovely holiday. 🙂

Well, good news! Food Lover Tour found a good website for you about Barcelona, with loads of good, useful apps that you can download before you come to Barcelona. You can use mytaxi to order a taxi anywhere, anytime.  On BCN Paisatge you will learn about most known, but also singular monuments. Farmaguia helps you find an open pharmacy if you need it, 24/7.

So “Benvingut,” dear friend, and select the most appropriate good, useful app for you!

Apps4bcn is an App platform developed by Dotopen and the Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council).