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Where to Try the Most Authentic and Best Tapas in Seville

Without a doubt, Seville is the tapas capital of Spain. The people of Seville have perfected the art of tapear, or tapas bar-hopping, throughout the years and for a good reason. Seville is packed with so many amazing tapas bars and restaurants that serve up everything from national dishes to local delicacies. Tapas are small…

What to do in Seville – 6 Essential Things Not to Be Missed

Seville, a medieval city that is still steeped in history, is the capital city of the Andalusian region in southern Spain. With its many churches and rich culture, the city attracts visitors from around the world. So, if you’re thinking about visiting Spain, Seville should be one of your first destinations. Not sure of what…

4 Spots to get the Freshest Beer with the Best Atmosphere in Seville

Summer is still here! And you can be confident that the high temperatures will remain through October, so keep this list in mind if you want the best spots for the freshest beer and good atmosphere in Seville! How beautiful is Seville, the monuments are stunning, the tapas are tasty and the climate is perfect….

7 Absolutely Amazing Tapas that You Have to Try in Seville

So you’re going to Seville? You will definitely enjoy its breathtaking monuments, its narrow streets and the hospitality of its people; it is a charming city without doubt. But Seville is, above all, the capital of amazing TAPAS and you will notice it as soon as you start walking around the city. In Seville, the…