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Where to Try the Most Authentic and Best Tapas in Seville

Best Tapas in Seville

Without a doubt, Seville is the tapas capital of Spain. The people of Seville have perfected the art of tapear, or tapas bar-hopping, throughout the years and for a good reason. Seville is packed with so many amazing tapas bars and restaurants that serve up everything from national dishes to local delicacies. Tapas are small plates that are meant to be shared around the table, enjoyed best with an ice-cold beer, local wine, or vermouth, and great conversation. Lunch in Seville can easily last a few hours as friends and family enjoy good company and mouth-watering food. While there are many places to eat in this magical city, some of the most traditional tapas bars have remained favorites throughout generations. Here you will discover the history and culture of the city and also eat some of the best tapas in Seville!

El Rinconcillo

Photo by In Praise of Sardines via VisualHunt

This is the oldest bar in Seville, founded in 1670, and retaining much of the original history and charm. Once you step inside you will be transported in time throughout the history of Seville. The bar holds on to remnants of its long history in style, decoration, and traditions. This bar is pure Seville: traditional with a nod to Andalusia’s past and customs. You can try typical tapas here that are unique to Seville and Andalusian cuisine, recipes passed down throughout the years. These include staples like espinacas con garbanzos, fried fish, and a variety of cured meats and cheeses. El Rinconcillo is also known for its vast wine list, which makes it a perfect place to have a glass of wine and eat the best tapas in Seville.

Bodeguita Romero

Bodeguita Romero has been serving some of the best tapas in Seville for more than 70 years. They owe their success to their delicious food that pays tribute to local Andalusian cuisine, as well as a great location. This tapas bar is right in the heart of the city, steps away from the cathedral in the Arenal neighborhood. Bodeguita Romero has been serving delicious food for more than 70 years, using the fresh and local ingredients. You can’t go wrong with carrillera ibérica (pork cheek) or albóndigas de choco (cuttlefish meatballs). This tapas bar has remained so successful because of its dedication to local cuisine and culture.

Sol y Sombra

Photo by acme via VisualHunt

In the famous Triana neighborhood you can find Sol y Sombra, a tapas bar that has been serving up delicious tapas and Spanish cuisine since 1961. The restaurant is housed in a historical house and decorated with bull-fighting paraphernalia, so you can see the history of this important custom throughout the ages. Typical cuisine from Seville includes cured meats and cheeses, fried fish, and cold tapas like ensaladilla rusa and papas aliñadas con melva. You can find it all here, served fresh and with tradition in mind.

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Antigua Casa de la Viuda

In the heart of the city, just steps away from Plaza Nueva is Antigua Casa de la Viuda. This traditional tapas bar was first established in the 17th century and then closed for a bit in 1950. It reopened to serve some of the best tapas in Seville, delivering patrons traditional Andalusian cooking. This tapas bar is in the center of the city and is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. Because of this, you might want to get there early if you want to snag a seat. Once you try the food at this tapas bar you will realize why it has been around for so many generations.

Dos de Mayo

Photo by Vallausa via VisualHunt

Dos de Mayo has been around since the beginning of the 20th century. The bar has changed throughout the years but one thing that’s remained the same is their extensive wine list and selection of fresh seafood from neighboring Huelva. There are also beers from all over the world featured as well which pair nicely with a plate of tasty montaditos (little sandwiches). Dos de Mayo is a local favorite but has been recognized by culinary giants like Michelin and Routard. It’s a culinary experience in Seville you won’t soon forget!


Bar Alfalfa

Bar Alfalfa is a small neighborhood tapas bar that is always packed with diners. The menu is written on a chalkboard on the wall and changes depending on the season but you can always count on great food. While the menu isn’t very long, the traditional food on it are some of the best tapas in Seville. You should try some of the handmade bruschettas that come with a wide variety of toppings. This bar is in the Alfalfa neighborhood which is home to many other fun bars. Have a tapa here and then you can bar-hop around to taste lots of tasty tapas.

Casa Morales

Steps away from the cathedral you will find Casa Morales, which is famous for its Andalusian tapas and atmosphere. While it can be hard to get a seat, it is definitely worth the wait! It is authentic and traditional without ever feeling stuffy or too old-fashioned. Known for its wine cellar and traditional tapas, this bar is a great choice for a great meal in Seville. Try their tortilla de patatascroquetas, and seafood for a special treat.

Wherever you eat in Seville is bound to be delicious, but check out these suggestions first for authentic tapas. Andalusian cuisine is so surprising and tasty but at here you are sure to find the best tapas in Seville! Food Lover Tour’s best-selling tour, the Tapas Lover Tour will let you sample the best of the best. It will take you through a charming neighborhood that isn’t too touristy and gives you an authentic taste of Seville. Click here to read what our customers have to say about this tour and Seville’s best tapas!