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10 Most Famous Vermouth Cocktails (With Recipes!)

Spain is a big producer and consumer of Spanish vermouth, where it first arrived through Reus, in Catalonia. As compared to other countries where vermouth is used to make cocktails, in Spain, it is taken neat, preferably on the rocks with a slice of orange and/or olive. The Spanish people view drinking vermouth as a…

The Best Catalan Vermouth 2017

Following our last post What is vermouth?, let’s take a look at the best Catalan bottles you can possibly drink this year! According to the third edition of the Vinari Awards for Catalan vermouths, here are the best Catalan vermouths for 2017: Gran Vinari d’Or al Millor Vermut 2017 (Great Golden Vinari to the Best…

What is vermouth?

What is vermouth, wermut, vermut, vermú The word vermouth is derived from the French pronunciation of wermut, the German word for wormwood (also known as absinthe, or artemisia absinthium), probably the main ingredient of this popular fortified wine back when it was considered a medicinal drink. It’s generally acknowledged that wine had been already infused in…

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