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spanish tapas

All About Spanish Tomato Bread and How to Best Enjoy it

All About Spanish Tomato Bread and How to Best Enjoy it

Some of the best things in Spanish cuisine are the most simple, which is absolutely true when it comes to Spanish tomato bread. Pan con tomate, or pa amb tomàquet in Catalan, is something so easy to prepare but is an important staple in many meals. It’s a small thing that seems to tie many…

Where to Eat Some of the Best Tapas in Barcelona

Where to Eat Some of the Best Tapas in Barcelona

The one thing that Barcelona has no shortage of is restaurants. Whether you’re looking for a casual tapas bar or an upscale eatery, there are so many delicious choices to pick from! There is a lot of diversity in cuisine and styles of dining, like tapas, pinchos, or set daily menus. If you’re looking to…

Authentic Spanish food to try when in Spain

Authentic Spanish Food – blog featured image

Food is an important part of everyday life in Spain and to the Spanish culture as a whole, as it brings family together at mealtime and friends together in the tapas bars. Spain is known internationally for its unique and diverse cuisine, ranging from simple, home-made dishes to Michelin-star gastronomic experiences. With so much to…

7 Absolutely Amazing Tapas that You Have to Try in Seville


So you’re going to Seville? You will definitely enjoy its breathtaking monuments, its narrow streets and the hospitality of its people; it is a charming city without doubt. But Seville is, above all, the capital of amazing TAPAS and you will notice it as soon as you start walking around the city. In Seville, the…

7 Delicious Seafood Tapas Recipes

7 delicious seafood recipes - blog image

Do you crave fresh and delicious seafood but feel daunted by the kitchen and don’t want to be overcharged at a seafood restaurant? Try these recipes at home! These 7 delicious seafood recipes will satisfy  your stomach and you will see that cooking seafood at home isn’t so hard. We hope you enjoy some of…