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Calçots: All About Catalonia’s Famous Native Wild Onion

The late winter and early spring months in Catalonia are an exciting time for one special reason: calçots! What in the world is a calçot?, you might be asking yourself. Calçots are wild onions that grow in Catalonia, typically from December through April. Locals love to gather calçots when they are ready for picking and celebrate…

Have you heard about the famous Catalan “Calçotada”?

About Calçotada Wintertime has come and Catalonia celebrates the harvest of Calçot in this time of the year with the annual calçotada, which represents one of the most popular and unique traditional dishes. The most famous calçotada celebration is held in Valls the last week of January. What are Calcots? Calçot is a type of…