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10 Most Famous Vermouth Cocktails (With Recipes!)

10 Most Famous Vermouth Cocktails (with recipes!)

Spain is a big producer and consumer of Spanish vermouth, where it first arrived through Reus, in Catalonia. As compared to other countries where vermouth is used to make cocktails, in Spain, it is taken neat, preferably on the rocks with a slice of orange and/or olive. The Spanish people view drinking vermouth as a…

4 Catalan Cavas That Will Blow Your Mind

4 Catalan Cavas That Will Blow Your Mind

This post is a contribution of our good friend Zoltan Csaba Nagy, a Transylvanian sommelier, writer, journalist and food guide at Food Lover Tour, living in Barcelona since 2010. For many people, cava is the exclusive drink of the summer. The subtle tingling in the nose caused by cavas is the anticipation of a pleasant evening…

10 Great Places for Vermouth in Barcelona

10 Great Places for Vermouth in Barcelona

¿Dónde hacemos el vermut? In Spain, vermouth has become a synonym for any aperitif served with tapas (appetizers) and thus the common expression “let’s meet for vermouth” (quedemos para el vermut or hagamos un vermut). By the way, this is vermouth 🙂 Here are a few tried and trusted spots for great vermouth in Barcelona:…

The Best Catalan Vermouth 2017

Best Catalan Vermouth 2017

Following our last post What is vermouth?, let’s take a look at the best Catalan bottles you can possibly drink this year! According to the third edition of the Vinari Awards for Catalan vermouths, here are the best Catalan vermouths for 2017: Gran Vinari d’Or al Millor Vermut 2017 (Great Golden Vinari to the Best…

Spanish Wine by Region and Type Infographics

Spanish Wine by Region Infographic

A GLIMPSE AT THE SPANISH WINE INDUSTRY Wine Lover Tour - Best wine tasting in Barcelona “The increasing sophistication of Spanish consumers was the major factor impacting the wine industry in Spain during 2015, with the use of new technologies boosting their knowledge of the subject….

The Art of Catalan “Cava” and the difference to French “Champagne”

The Art of Catalan “Cava” and the difference to French “Champagne”

A lot of our customers ask us during the Food Lover tours about Cava and the difference between Cava and Champagne.  In this article, you will find specific explanations about it and additionally our recommendations for Cava Bars in Barcelona. So what are the differences between these two popular Sparklers? The real “Champagne” can only…

Wine in Spain: Facts & Figures


Wine in Spain are classified as D.O (Denominación de Origen) Designation of Origin is part of a regulatory classification system in Spain. It is also known in some other countries such as A.O.C in France (Appelation d’Origine Contrôlé) or I.G.T in Italy (Indicazione Geografica Tipica). Spain is the third biggest producer of wine in the…

Spanish Wine and Cheese Pairing


Choosing a good Spanish wine and cheese pairing is not easy! How many wines, how many cheeses do we have in Spain? Well, a lot! Wine Lover Tour - Best wine tasting in BarcelonaIf we consider that we have more than 80 types of cheese, with…