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Where to Try the Most Authentic and Best Paella in Madrid

Where to Try the Most Authentic and Best Paella in Madrid

Paella is Spain’s most recognizable dish, and by far one of the most popular among Spaniards. This rice dish is quite versatile as it can be filled with any number of tasty ingredients, like meat, seafood, and veggies. Every Spanish mother has their own recipe, as well as every restaurant, so no two paellas are the same. Here are the places that you should go to to get the most authentic and best paella in Madrid. It will be love at first bite!

Socarratt Valencian Food

Try any of these places for the best paella in Madrid!

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The creation of two Valencian chefs, Socarratt Valencian Food is definitely an authority on authentic paella. Since the dish originates from Valencia, this restaurant prides itself on using techniques and traditions that have been passed down for generations. Many say this is one of the greatest places to get the best paella in Madrid because of tasty adherence to tradition. Socarratt is quite small, so be sure to call ahead for a table to make sure you can score some delicious rice!

Address: Calle de San Marcos, 2

Bar La Gloria

Bar La Gloria gets its name from the owner’s grandmother, whose approach to cooking goes into every dish. While the menu is quite varied with contemporary and traditional Spanish dishes, the Valencian paella is the star of the show here. Paella is available on Sunday afternoons, so plan your week accordingly to get a taste! Locals love this eatery, so you know that it has to be good. So many tourist trap restaurants offer frozen paella that is then microwaved, and this couldn’t be farther from that. Stop by Bar La Gloria and discover the glory of their fresh, Sunday paella.

Address: Calle del Noviciado, 2

Que Si Quieres Arroz Catalina

Que Si Quieres Arroz Catalina specializes in rice dishes, so much so that it’s right in the name. This restaurant is a little pricier, but most definitely worth the value. When you sit down, you have two options for ordering, the set menu or a la carte. The Menu Catalina and Menu Sorpresa both include starters, desserts, drinks, and your choice of rice dish, a great value for the price. There are more than 10 rice and paella dishes to choose from so there’s plenty of variety. Go  to Que Si Quieres Arroz Catalina and find our why this place is ranked as having one of the best paellas in Madrid.

Address: Palacio de la Misión, Calle Principal de Provincias, 9

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La Barraca

Where do you go to get the best paella in Madrid?

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La Barraca‘s fresh, Valencian rice dishes in the heart of the city make this restaurant a no-brainer for paella. This family-owned restaurant opened its doors in 1935 and specializes in paella and Valencian cuisine. The menu is quite traditional and features some of the best dishes in Spanish cuisine. There are 16 paella and rice dishes, each of which is meant to be shared between two or more people. The ingredients are fresh, the food is exquisite, and the decor is cozy and inviting. If you’re looking for traditional paella and Spanish cuisine in the Spanish capital, this is it.

Address: Calle Reina, 9

Restaurante Casa de Valencia

Last but not least on the list is Restaurante Casa de Valencia, whose name suggests it’s an authority on Valencian rice and cuisine. Consistently counted to have the best paella in Madrid, since 1975, this restaurant is the real deal when it comes to rice. The tradition is reflected in the decor and ambiance, much of which dates back to the restaurant’s inception. There are numerous rice and paella dishes on the menu, so the only problem you’ll have is trying to select just one!

Address: Paseo del Pintor Rosales, 58

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