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Try These Dishes to Get a Real Taste of Seville Cuisine

Try These Dishes to Get a Real Taste of Seville Cuisine

It’s no secret that Seville has a buzzing foodie scene, every street lined with tapas bars and unique restaurants. While many newer restaurants are looking towards modernizing Seville cuisine, a good number of them hold on to the old-world charm that is so present in this city. Here are 6 tapas that you absolutely need to try to get an understanding for the city’s cuisine and its culinary roots. Now that you know, enjoy eating your way across Seville!


Salmorejo is essential to Seville cuisine!

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Salmorejo hails from nearby Córdoba and is the perfect solution to a scorching, summer day in Seville. This thick, creamy tomato soup is eaten chilled, and topped off with bits of hard-boiled egg, jamón ibérico, and homemade croutons. While salmorejo doesn’t call Seville home per se, it has definitely earned a spot among the city’s top dishes. Even though it is incredibly popular, you might have trouble finding this dish in the colder months.

Secreto ibérico

Secreto ibérico is a cut of pork from an Iberian pig, from between the loin and the shoulder. It has nice fat marbling, resulting in meat that seems to melt in your mouth. It’s deliciously tender and can be cooked in a variety of ways. Most commonly, you’ll find that secreto is pan-seared, grilled, or flash-fried. There is often a bit of pink in the middle which ensures that the meat isn’t overcooked and retains its juiciness. Look for secreto served as a tapa, or perhaps in a small sandwich, called a montadito.

Choco and adobo frito

Chocos fritos are a tasty part of Seville cuisine!

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Choco (cuttlefish) is a common seafood from the shores of nearby Huelva, and when served up in crispy pieces with lemon squeezed on top, it just can’t be beat. Sevillanos love this dish, which tastes very similar to fried squid. Adobo is marinated dogfish that is also fried up to golden perfection and finished off with sea salt and lemon juice. Even though Seville doesn’t have a coastline, Huelva and Cádiz provide the city with fresh seafood all year round. You can find a number of different fried fish and seafood at tapas bars, but these are two parts of Seville cuisine that you won’t want to miss.

Solomillo al whisky

Tender pork loin glazed in a delicious whiskey sauce is one of the dishes that best represents Seville cuisine. Solomillo al whisky is a tender piece of pork that is smothered in a tasty glaze and seared or grilled to perfection. The original recipe is a sauce of whiskey, garlic, and olive oil, but it’s common for some tapas bars to substitute the whiskey for cognac. This dish is authentic Seville, and a grand example of Andaluz cooking.

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Presa ibérica

Fall in love with secreta iberica and Seville cuisine!

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Another prime cut of Iberian pork is presa ibérica, pork shoulder from the famous Iberian pigs. This grilled meat is very tender and juicy and is regarded as one of the best cuts of pork. Presa is a cut, so it may have any number of sauces or extras served along with it. It’s grilled to perfection and served as a tapa, or perhaps in a larger portion to share. Once again, you may even find this mouth-watering meat between two pieces of crusty bread and served as a small sandwich!

Espinacas con garbanzos

Last but not least is a dish that is a staple at most tapas bars in Seville, espinacas con garbanzos. This dish is a vegetarian-friendly option that consists of chickpeas and spinach sauteed together with spices and served with some crusty bread or picos for dipping. This dish isn’t too complicated and can be made at home quite easily. so you can have a taste of Seville cuisine in your own kitchen!

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