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The Best Markets to Shop and Eat at When You Visit Granada

The Best Markets to Shop and Eat at When You Visit Granada

Granada truly has got it all: free tapas, the incomparable Alhambra, and so many cool street markets and vendors to browse. The city has many different markets and places where you can shop and try the local products, or find the perfect handmade item to take home with you to remember Granada. Let’s take a look at some of the essential places that you need to check out when you visit Granada!

Mercado San Agustín

Stock up on spices at the market when you visit Granada!

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Just a block away from the cathedral, you’ll find a movable feast of the best local produce and foods from Granada. Mercado San Agustín is the crown jewel of food markets in Granada. It’s true that when you visit Granada you may be overwhelmed by so many culinary options, and the city’s food market is no exception. You can shop the local products or simply enjoy tapas and drinks from the various local vendors inside. Whether you fancy fresh seafood, mouth-watering Spanish ham and cheese, or salty, briny olives, the food market is the best place to discover local cuisine. Food markets often get pretty busy during mid-day, so plan your visit a little bit earlier to beat the crowds.

Address: Plaza de San Augustín, S/N

Mercadillo de Plaza Larga

Head to Plaza Larga in the morning Tuesday-Saturday to catch the pop-up market that brings this little square to life. There are a number of good tapas bars in this square to enjoy a tasty breakfast to start your day. Alternatively munch on some tapas after a day of sightseeing for an unforgettable lunch. Juicy fruit, fresh veggies, clothes, and jewelry are typical of this market, though you might find some flowers and crafts for sale, too. This little market is a great experience that’s a must when you visit Granada!

Address: Plaza Larga, Albaicín

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A stop at the Alcaiceria is a must when you visit Granada!

Photo by Ramallo on Pixabay

The Alcaicería was an important part of Granada’s past, as it was the site of the Grand Bazaar of Granada. In the past, it was typical to find spices, silks, and local products for sale and trade at the bazaar. Today, Calle Alcaicería has stalls and shops where you can buy clothes, art, crafts, jewelry, glass goods, and so much more. Of you’re looking for something unique to take home with you, you’ll find it here. There are so many little shops to peek into, and you’ll feel the city’s Moorish past as you make your way through the market.

Address: Calle Alcaicería, 1

Medieval Market

Every summer, the Medieval Market takes over Plaza Bib-Rambla to sell all kinds of food and artisan products, typical of the middle ages. You can sample cured meats, homemade bread and cheese, cakes and desserts. If you have an appetite, you’ll most likely find pigs roasting over spits and other meats grilling to perfection. The vendors dress up in medieval garb to sell their handmade leather products and clothing, too. This makes for an awesome experience in Granada to do something out of the box!

Address: Plaza de Bib-Rambla

Mercadillo del Zaídin

On Saturdays from 9:00-15:00, you can stop by the Mercadillo del Zaídin. This market has more than 200 stalls that sell food, clothes, shoes, and so much more. You’ll find everything at great prices, much of which is unique to the market. Get to the market early in the morning to beat the crowds and get the best pick of the fruits and veggies. There are also many tapas bars in the area where you can take a break from shopping and enjoy some delicious Spanish cuisine.

Address: Calle Torre de la Pólvora, 6

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