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Why Winter is the Absolute Best Time to Visit Lisbon

Why Winter is the Absolute Best Time to Visit Lisbon

While most travelers tend to take advantage of the sun and good weather in summer to do their traveling, there’s no reason that traveling in the winter can’t be amazing, too! And for those looking for a wintertime holiday destination, look no further than Lisbon. The winter is an excellent time to explore and visit Lisbon, for a number of reasons. Find out why this should be your next wintertime vacation destination!

There’s still good weather

Visit Lisbon in the winter and you'll notice much smaller crowds.

Photo by prakharamba on VisualHunt

Portugal benefits from a Mediterranean climate, so that means there is still plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures throughout the winter. Compared to many other European cities, it’s hard to find anywhere else that can offer such beautiful, sunny days in the dead of winter. Plan on the average daily temperature being about 15ºC, a bit cooler at nighttime. Visit Lisbon in the winter to enjoy being able to see the sights and walk around outside without the heat of summer and the cold of winter in other cities. It’s especially nice because Lisbon is quite hilly, so you can stay nice and cool climbing up and down the city’s slopes.

It’s a lot less crowded

Since most people, especially Europeans, tend to take their vacations and travel in July and August, big cities tend to get quite crowded in the summertime. If you visit Lisbon in the winter you’ll notice visibly thinner crowds, shorter lines at attractions, and a more relaxed vibe in general. Chances are your wait time at restaurants will be shorter, public transportation will have a little more breathing room, and popular attractions will be a bit more enjoyable with smaller crowds. You’ll feel a sense of freedom that you might not otherwise feel during tourist season.

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You’ll get more for your money

Visit Lisbon in the winter for beautiful days and fun nights!

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Many top travel destinations tend to hike up their prices in the summer months to get the most out of peak travel season. You’ll notice that prices in Lisbon are very affordable when compared to other European cities, so your euro will go much further. Portugal is the cheapest country in western Europe, so you can enjoy the delicious food and wine, see more sights, and enjoy so much more for so much less. You can do everything that you want to do without worrying too much about the impact it will have on your wallet.

Food Lover Tour runs all year long!

Food Lover Tour doesn’t stop our award-winning food tours just because the weather gets a bit chillier! Join us on our Food & Fado Lover Tour to not only enjoy delicious Portuguese cuisine, but to take in the sounds of traditional fado music, too. Our Petiscos Lover Tour is the tour for you if you want to bar hop to try different Portuguese tapas and drinks in good company. Whichever you choose, wintertime is the right time to come join us for delicious Portuguese food and drink!

Lisbon loves the holidays

Visit Lisbon over the holidays for an extra special celebration

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Lisbon loves to get all decked out and ready for the holidays, adding a little something special to the city’s ambiance. Enjoy the streets filled with lights, decorations everywhere, and a little bit of holiday cheer everywhere you go. Be sure to check out the lights and tree in Praça Rossio, and eat a bolo-rei, a special holiday cake. If you visit Lisbon for New Year’s, you won’t be disappointed. The biggest hangout is in Praça do Comércio, but you ell find people out in all the streets listening to music, celebrating and having a good time. A normally friendly city all year round, Lisbon really lights up and lets loose during this time.

You can still enjoy the city’s outdoor culture

Even though the temperatures dip a bit in the winter, that doesn’t mean that the locals stay inside. The Portuguese love to sip a coffee paired with a pasteis de nata at an outdoor cafe and soak up the sunshine. They still ramble down the streets and peek out over the city at the miradouros (lookout points) in awe. Don’t let the cool, winter days stop you from enjoying everything that Lisbon has to offer; the locals don’t!

If you really want to get a taste for Lisbon, come join Food Lover Tour on a culinary adventure! We take you to the best local spots to experience Portuguese food and culture like the locals of Lisbon do. We’ll be waiting for you this winter!