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Tapas Bars and Restaurants with the Best Tapas in Madrid

Best tapas in Madrid

If you’re looking to get a taste of the best tapas in Madrid, you don’t have far to look! There are hundreds of tapas bars and restaurants to choose from that offer their takes on Spanish cuisine, both traditional and modern, to choose from. Eating isn’t just to survive, it’s something to be enjoyed and bring people together. Spaniards take food seriously and don’t settle for sub-par dishes or lackluster fare. Read on to discover where to taste the best tapas in Madrid and eat where the locals eat at these tried-and-true restaurants and bars!

Celso y Manolo

Photo by jensimon7 on VisualHunt

A neighborhood bar that has stood the test of time, Celso y Manolo is a local favorite to grab a tapa and a cold beer. The bar has changed names and owners throughout the years but commitment to delicious Madrileño cuisine has remained a constant. You can find all the classics on the menu like various fried fish, croquetas, and ensaladilla, as well as modernized and original dishes. Try the chuletón de tomate (pictured) for a unique and refreshing tapa that is distinctly Celso y Manolo. Using fresh and high-quality ingredients, this bar makes each dish on the menu come to life with flavor and creativity. Stop in yourself to discover why so many claim this place has some of the best tapas in Madrid.

El Tempranillo

Make your way through the funky neighborhood of La Latina and there you will find another local favorite, El Tempranillo. You can’t go wrong with its great selection of Spanish wines paired perfectly with classic tapas like Iberian ham, cheese, and olives. Order some pinchos to wash down with your drink, or order larger plates to share with friends. El Tempranillo serves classic dishes one can expect from Madrileño cuisine while still keeping things fresh and exciting. There is a set menu, but the house suggestions change depending on the season and available ingredients. Check out these recommendations to get a taste of what El Tempranillo has to offer!

Mercado de San Miguel

Photo by R_Raluy’S on VisualHunt

Mercado San Miguel is any food lover’s dream come true. This food market carries fresh produce, fish, meat, and other culinary delights, but is also known as a great place to enjoy a meal. Peppered throughout the market you will find kiosks selling pinchos and tapas; small portions of delicious homemade food. This is a great way to try many different things for cheap. Make your way around and you will find wine bars and small tapas bars within the market that serve up specialty tapas and delicious local wines. While it may seem like an unconventional choice, Mercado San Miguel has some of the best tapas in Madrid on display and ready to devour.

Casa González

Casa González started as a family store selling meats and cheeses, with the family living in in the backroom of the shop. Over the years, the store developed into a tapas bar, becoming one of the most enigmatic in Madrid, at that. If you glance at the menu you will notice that cheeses, Iberian cured meats, and smoked fish are still prominently featured. A wide variety of typical tapas are also served up, plates which will have your mouth watering within moments. Not only that, Casa González has an extensive wine list that pair perfectly with every tapa.

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Vi Cool

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Vi Cool is a trendy tapas bar that is behind some of the most innovative and best tapas in Madrid. All of the recipes pay homage to classic Spanish cuisine but with a modern and creative twist. The menu features seasonal ingredients and uses fresh and local foods to create wonderful culinary surprises. The menu isn’t too long but every tapa is planned to be a gastronomic delight. Try to book a table in advance because this hot spot fills up quickly! This is the place to go if you’re looking for something different yet delicious and refined. Vi Cool also does catering for private parties and events if you can’t get enough!

La Musa

Malasaña is a neighborhood in Madrid that is known for its lively atmosphere and great selection of tapas bars and restaurants. Make your way through the neighborhood to La Musa, a tapas bar known for its gastronomic creations. A touch bohemian but still cozy and inviting, it’s apparent why this bar is a local favorite, as well as its sister restaurant, La Musa Latina. You can find unique dishes here that look to other international cuisines for inspiration. This is the place to go for the best tapas in Madrid that aren’t strictly Spanish food. The wide variety of tapas and inspiring dishes are what make La Musa one of the best tapas bars in the city.

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