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Top Spanish Foods to Discover in Tapas Bars in Spain

Top Spanish Foods

Visiting Spain and want to know the top Spanish foods that you should try? With so many rich and delicious foods on the menu, how do you know what to choose? Food Lover Tour has you covered! Here are some of our top recommendations that you have to try when eating in tapas bars. These top Spanish foods are local favorites that you must discover to have an authentic gastronomic experience. Order these tapas with a cold beer or a glass of local wine and you’re all set!

Patatas Bravas

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Spanish cuisine might not be too spicy heat-wise, but various spices give flavor to every dish. A good example of this is patatas bravas, fried potatoes smothered in a spice-filled sauce with a slight kick of heat. Depending on the region of Spain you’re in, they might also be topped off with a creamy garlic ali-oli sauce. Enjoy bravas with an ice-cold beer or vermouth to counteract the spices and you will be in for an authentic Spanish delicacy.

Fried fish

When you think of fried food you probably think of greasy hamburgers and fries, but Spanish cuisine has a different take on fried delicacies. Fish and seafood fried in olive oil are typical in most tapas bars, sprinkled with sea salt and a spritz of lemon juice. Calamares, chipirones, choco, and boquerones are just some of the fried fish you will find on the menu, which may vary depending on the season and region. While fried fish is most popular in the summer, it is available all year round. There’s nothing better than eating fried fish at the beach in the sunshine!

Pulpo a la Gallega

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While octopus might look strange, it’s taste is out of this world! This seafood can be prepared in a number of different ways, but one of the most popular is pulpo a la gallega. This dish consists of thin slices of octopus cooked to the perfect point of tenderness on top of a bed of potatoes. A dash of sea salt and paprika is added and, voila! If you’ve never had octopus before, this is the perfect way to try it for the first time.

Tortilla Española

Tortilla española follows paella as one of the top Spanish foods. The funny thing about this dish is that any Spanish person will say that their mom’s recipe is the best version! Eggs, potatoes, and onions come together in this potato omelette that is simple yet delicious. The original recipe is quite basic but other tasty variations may throw in bits of chorizo, artichokes, or peppers. All tapas bars serve this classic dish, either as a tapa, pintxo, or on crusty bread as a sandwich.

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Meatballs are most often thought of in Italian and Swedish cuisine, but Spanish meatballs should be at the top of the list as well. Albóndigas are small pork and beef meatballs, accompanied by a savory almond sauce that will make your mouth water. This tapa is a fan favorite because it packs a powerful punch of flavor in a small bite. After you try Spanish meatballs, these will be your new favorite variation!


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Small sandwiches filled with any number of tasty things, like tortilla española, Iberian ham, and manchego cheese, montaditos are the perfect size for a snack or to eat with other tapas so you can try several different things. Montaditos can be very simple, with only one ingredient, or much more elaborate. Most bars and restaurants even have a house specialty, with special fillings and sauces. Try montaditos in several different tapas bars to get a taste of different styles and ingredients.

Gambas al ajillo

Fresh juicy shrimp paired with roasted garlic make gambas al ajillo another top Spanish food, and for good reason. Served hot and sizzling straight from the pan, the aroma alone will have your stomach growling in no time. After you gobble down the shrimp you can then dip some bread in the leftover oil for a delicious treat that will leave you wanting more!

All of these top Spanish foods are great bets to try in tapas bars as they are widely available everywhere. Join Food Lover Tour on a food tour to try the best of the best and go where the locals go!