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Shop and Eat with the Locals in a Malaga Food Market

Shop and Eat with the Locals in a Malaga Food Market

One of the best ways to get to know the local food and cuisine of a city is to explore its neighborhood food market. Food markets carry fresh produce, meat, fish, and other culinary treasures that form the local cuisine. Shoppers can get their groceries at the market, but usually Spanish markets go above and beyond just purchasing ingredients. Malaga food markets, like many Spanish markets, often have specialty kiosks where you can sample tasty tapas and exquisite local wines. Markets are a representation of local culture and cuisine that can’t be missed. Here is the Food Lover Tour guide to your local Malaga food market, where fresh delights await you!

Mercado Central Atarazanas

Malaga’s most popular market, Mercado Atarazanas is a food-lover’s delight. The market is housed in a historical building that dates all the way back to the 14th century. The market took up residence in this historical building in the late 1800s. With beautiful stained-glass windows and breath-taking architecture, the market is a wonder itself to behold. Once you step inside you will be amazed by the sights and smells of delicious food, spices, and produce. Juicy fruits, fresh vegetables, and local meats and fish make up the majority goods for sale. In addition, you can sample local cuisine at several stands in the market that serve traditional Spanish foods. Be sure not to miss delicacies like homemade paella, Iberian ham, and sizzling seafood. This is a local favorite so be sure to beat the rush and crowd!

Mercado Huelin

Tucked away in the Huelin neighborhood in the Malaga food market of the same name. This market carries many products exclusive to Malaga, meaning that they represent some of the best tastes of the province. Stalls carry fresh food in addition to local goods like wine, Iberian ham, and cheeses, all produced in Malaga. Most noted for its wide variety of fresh fish and seafood, everything is at its peak freshness when delivered to the market. Shop and peruse this market for a taste of Malaga that is purely local, as this market usually isn’t too touristy.

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Mercado Municipal del Bailén

For more than 50 years, the Mercado del Bailén has been the market with the most stalls and sellers in the city. This Malaga food market boasts numerous stands that sell any number of high-quality products, including herbs, spices, bread, and frozen foods. There is a wide variety of products to choose from and lots to see and smell, so give yourself time to wander through the flowers, produce, and proteins and marvel. Stop by the Bar Cautivo for a cold beer or delicious coffee as a shopping pick-me-up.


Mercado del Carmen

Located in the old fisherman’s neighborhood of El Perchel, Mercado del Carmen has been a staple for more than 140 years. It was renovated within the last decade and now includes a tapas bar that serves authentic Andalusian cuisine. This Malaga food market specializes in freshly-caught seafood and locally-grown produce. You can find homemade bread, fresh eggs, and aromatic spices in addition to the usual products. Be sure to work up an appetite so you can sample as much food as possible at the tapas bar! Being in the fishermen’s neighborhood, you definitely can’t go wrong with any seafood dish. Andalusian cuisine is famed for it’s tasty fried and marinated fish tapas especially. The Mercado del Carmen is a local Malaga food market that has it all!

If you love food markets, why not join Food Lover Tour on our Market Lover Tour in Malaga? We only go where the locals go and sample the best foods around. You will experience Malaga through its smells and tastes as your local guide shows you the ins and outs of Malaga’s culture and history. Join us and see a Malaga food market and have an amazing culinary experience!