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Foodlovertour, where the magic happens

A Food Lover Tour will certainly bring you a lot of laughs, a lot of opportunities to make friends and maybe more. And sometimes, we heard of a little something a few days or a few months later. Here is the story of one of the FLT couples we are the most proud of.

a person holding a glass of wine

It all happened a few years ago, in 2017 on our Tapas Crawl Tour in Barcelona on a sweet and warm summer night. Like every night from 6 to 9PM we are organizing food tours in the most local areas of the cities we operate, this time it was in the lovely city of Barcelona, Spain. In a really cool area we have selected, crossing two districts, Sant Antoni and Poble Sec, which are approximately 10 to 15 mins walk from Las Ramblas.
Historically, it’s a very popular neighborhood where each step is full of anecdotes and stories to be told. The Poble Sec first appears in 1714 to be a military camp outside the walls of the old city, this is only at the beginning of the XXst century, with the expansion of Barcelona, that this area of Parallel became famous and stayed, until the late 70’s, the center of leisure, theaters, show, houses and art galleries. The area rose up again after the Olympic Games of 1992 and became nowadays one of the most interesting areas for nightlife, among the locals.

At Food Lover Tour, we take our job very seriously and as a food tour specialist we bring you where the locals go. Good food, good wines and great people are all about. Not the only one but definitely one of the best ways to meet people is around a good table.

Sitting together to share a moment has been the way to socialize from ages of the time. At Food Lover Tour, we believe that meetings around food & drinks help humanity to solve problems, meet new people and find our lovers, our soulmates. Our Tapas Crawl Tour in Barcelona has been crafted with this spirit and this is how we’d get back to our story of the day. On this particular day of 2017, just as we usually do. Our local guide created small groups of maximum 8 to 10 attendees on our tours. And that night we had a fun little group of 10 attendees with 3 solo travelers, 2 couples and 3 friends and we had Robin and Julie… Robin took the tour as a solo traveler and Julie was part of a group of friends. They both were coming from France and in Barcelona for a few days. At that time Robin was training to become a carpenter and Julie was working in a real estate company. Both were in their early 20`s and were traveling to Spain for the first time.

Sometimes magic moments happen and this is the beauty of our job. We see every day on our tours that people need people. Interactive activities can be great but nothing will replace humans. We are a social animal and Food Lover Tour is the perfect way to socialize, no better way to meet new friends and enjoy a wonderful moment.

Behind the Puerta de Barcelona, in the little Montmartre barcelonés where theaters, bars and restaurants are legions, Julie and Robin met around a drink and delicious tapas. They shared this instant with the group and maybe something happened between them at this exact table our local guide had chosen for his group of guests. Later that night, they shared their phone numbers and the rest is history. In the warm atmosphere of this amazing city, a love was about to be born and the Food Lover Tour was witnessing, once again, the joy of people brought together.

A few months later, we received an email for our inbox. One of the rare things we wish for everyday : news from our guests. After our Tapas Crawl Tour in Barcelona, Julie & Robian became friends after the tour and then became lovers. Now Julie & Robin are married and have a beautiful baby of one year old. Robain is a successful Carpenter and Julie became a great photographer, specializing in Weddings.

Could Food Lover Tour be a new social network to meet people through good food and good wines? History will tell! In any case if you feel like sending us your stories which could have happened through the years on our tours, feel free to do so! We will be so happy to read you.