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Where to get it!

Tapas Tour
If this is your first time in Madrid, we recommend you to explore the local gastronomy with Food Lover Tour. Taking a culinary tour is the most reliable way to discover some of Madrid’s favorite places to get a real taste of Spanish tapas. They will take you to the authentic local bars, restaurants and markets, far away from the touristy and expensive places. They are the winners of the LTG Global Adwards 2021/22 as a culinary tour company. 100% recomendable.

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Take the taste of Spain in your suitcase

In addition to taste the typical food on a terrace or in a bar in the capital, now you can enjoy the most valued tapas of Spanish gastronomy when you return home. TÍA TAPA is an amazing idea to carry the favourite tapas in your suitcase. The perfect memory of Madrid, a gift to surprise, in a way never seen before: in a designer tin. The perfect packing to travel: resistant, safe and requires no refrigeration.

Tia Tapa´s recipes are made with natural ingredients, packaged at the right moment of the cooking process in order to keep all their nutritional properties and flavour.
Foreigners love TÍA TAPA for being an original way to get the authentic Spanish Tapas as a souvenir.

Some of the places to get it:
Gourmet Bartolomé: Calle de la Sal, 2. Close to Plaza Mayor
Pintxos Factory in Galería Canalejas. Calle Alcalá, 12. Close to Puerta del Sol

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When to eat in Madrid? Spanish mealtimes

Lunchtime in Spain is usually between 2 P.M. and 4 P.M. However, in Madrid, restaurants are becoming more and more flexible regarding their opening hours. The Spanish cuisine of Madrid can be very hearty.

Take a look on these timetables so as not to go against the clock:
Breakfast: 7–11h
Aperitif: 12–14h
Lunch: 14–15:30 h
Mid-afternoon snack (merienda): 17–18:30 h
Dinner: 21–23 h

A drink after dinner: until 3:00 h (discotheque until 5:30h)


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