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Porto Morning Food Tour

Try the best meals in Porto!

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Adults 13+ years old
Children 2-12 years old25

Enjoy a Traditional Petiscos Brunch

tortilla_food-loverEveryone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so start your day off right! Join us on this petiscos brunch and market tour in Porto to see what the locals enjoy eating in the morning and to take in the city’s early day atmosphere. Live a morning in the life of a Porto native, eating all the best local foods along the way!

Mornings in the city are fascinating because they always show you the most authentic aspect of how its inhabitants live in their hometown. Drinking coffee at the café is a social activity shared by almost all Portuguese people, so it is not surprising that Portugal has developed a unique coffee culture and locals meet daily at the café. It’s a unique cultural custom that is explained by our local experts during this tour.

We have designed this adventure to show you the way locals live and interact in the city through the spectrum of food. At each stop of our petiscos brunch tour, you taste an important element of the cuisine of Porto and Portugal. You also learn about the families and history behind each of the cafes, grocery shops and restaurants that you visit.

As food experts, we guide you through a succession of typical moments of life, starting with an elegant café to explore what a typical Portuguese breakfast is like. Our second stop, a most compulsory and traditional moment of the morning, the café with nata, takes you through the history of the country. By visiting Porto’s main market, you also learn about another classic moment of the morning known as lanchar, which could be also called a second breakfast or morning snack.

Visit the most authentic gems on the off-the-beaten-track in the Bolhão neighborhood and weave in and out of locals doing their shopping as you learn about their daily customs and traditions during our brunch tour. By the end of the adventure, you’ll know exactly what it means to eat petiscos and live like a local!

Holiday closures: January 1st,2nd, Carnaval day, Easter Monday, April 25th, May 1st, 10th June, August 15th, October 5th, November 1st, December 1st, 8th, 24th, 25th, 31st

What Our Guests Say

"A great way to spend an evening"

Ben was great! I really enjoyed each place he took us to. I also enjoyed the other people in the tour (two Americans and an Aussie). The food and wine were great! Such a great way to spend an evening!!! I wouldn’t have found these places or neighborhoods on my own.

– Mark · Airbnb
"Defines what travel is about"

Ben has a tour of "hole in the wall wine bars, restaurants and delicatessens where we were presented with local food beautifully prepared and presented with matching wines. We were exposed to many unique aspects of Portuguese cuisine and wines. All in a delightful evening that defines what travel is about - convivial company, good food and wine and an unique cultural experience.

– Pren · Airbnb
"Fantastic and funny guide"

Extraordinary! It was definitely a unique experience. And a great opportunity to discover the city. Thomas knows his neighborhood and its history and he was a fantastic and funny guide. All the dishes are perfectly paired with wines and the alcohols were very delicates. All the places together are like a nice, tasty and exhaustive painting of what could be Lisbon. Take your camera too. There are opportunities to take marvelous pictures on the tour!

– Serge · Airbnb
"Come hungry and thirsty"

I absolutely loved this tour! Thomas took us to 5 AMAZING spots that I would have never discovered on my own! So much food and (Website hidden by Airbnb) come hungry and thirsty! I highly recommend!

– Katie · Airbnb