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The Málaga Wine & Gourmet Tapas Tour

The most complete gastronomic experience in the city!

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Adult 10+ years old

Join us on our most delicious food and wine experience in Málaga. A 3-stop journey through the senses where you will eat, drink and feel like a real malagueño. 2 traditional tapas bars for appetizers followed by an exquisite tasting menu with wine pairing, a once in a life experience led by one of our local experts.

The Málaga Wine & Gourmet Tapas Tour

Land and sea. Malaga has it all thanks to its privileged geographical setting. Today, Malaga is at the top of Spain’s culinary destinations, with plenty of bars and restaurants old and new dedicated to both preserving tradition and innovating the city’s gastronomy, giving you a chance to experience the results first-hand, like a local.

There’s a lot more to Malaga than its gorgeous beaches and breath-taking landscape and landmarks. Malaga is a city with a rich ancient history anchored in the Mediterranean Sea, and that reflects in its world-class gastronomy. Plus, with the city’s warm and inviting climate, it’s no wonder locals love to go out frequently and enjoy a good conversation among friends over drinks and tapas.

And that’s exactly what you will be doing in the first two stops where we will stop for a few appetizers before the real dinner: Two authentic, off-the-beaten-path hidden gems where you will sample some of Malaga’s best wines and traditional tapas. Both places are unique in their atmosphere and food, and you will be instantly immersed in Malaga’s atmosphere and culinary history. The perfect start to warm up.

The cherry on top of the cake is the third and final stop: the exquisite restaurant where you will enjoy an elaborated 5-course tasting menu complete with first-class wine pairing; all carefully designed by our team of experts and masterfully catered to you by the restaurant’s dedicated staff. The restaurant is itself another masterpiece and the perfect setting for what we are sure will be a memorable evening. Here we will focus on the most elaborated side of the gastronomy playing around almost exclusively with dishes and ingredients of the region Málaga. A culinary adventure only for food lovers.

Local Experience Guaranteed, Including Amazing Different Stops from Tapas Bars to Wine Tasting Stop & Gourmet Restaurant

On our tapas & wine tour of Málaga, you will enjoy exclusive visits to traditional bodegas, taverns and restaurants that offer sensational Andalusian food and wines popular with the local community.

Tapas tasting menus and pairing drinks at the 3 stops included in price.

The combination of the 3 tapas tasting menus consists of many individual dishes and make up a full and complete meal.

We speak (upon request) English, French, Spanish (please specify if not English, it will be on demand).