Madrid Local Food Market Tour

Take in the sights, smells and tastes!

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Adults 12+ years old
Children 2-11 years old

Enjoy Lunch at a Local Market in Madrid

Cruasan_foodlovertourHave you ever been to a Spanish food market? Traditional markets have been the center of daily activity for centuries in the neighbourhoods of Madrid, yet they remain generally unknown to the majority of tourists! Come with us to tour a food market in Madrid and experience it using all your senses. Take in the sights, smells and tastes, and shop like a local!

Our authentic Madrid food market tour includes five stops to sample some of the most typical Spanish tapas such as olives, meats and cheeses, and of course, the famous and mouth-watering jamón ibérico, hand carved before your very eyes!

Don’t forget about the drinks! All these tapas deserve to be paired with a worthy drink, so you get to try delicious local wines that pair perfectly with the food on our Madrid food market tour. Other drinks are also provided as an alternative, of course.

This fantastic food market excursion includes a full tapas lunch where you enjoy unforgettable dishes, tasty Spanish wine and the final touch, a typical dessert — the perfect way to finish your meal!

Holiday closures: Dec 24th, 25th, 31st and Jan 1st

What Our Guests Say

"This tour was the best"

I’ve gone on food tours before and believe it is the best way to “quickly” find out about the city. This tour was the best I have experienced. The variety of food, and the energy and competence of the staff, was the best! I would highly recommend Food Lover Tour®.

– ywoods52 · TripAdvisor
"Completely fantastic"

What a wonderful way to get to know Spain and its food! We did the 'Market' tour, and it was completely fantastic. Our guide took us through a very local (no other tourists!) marketplace brimming with jamon & cheese, fresh cherries, gorgeous cookies, amazing seafood & wine, and divine tapas!

– Anthea M. · TripAdvisor
"Exceeded our expectations"

We make a point of taking a food tour in every city we visit so we've developed very high expectations. Our guide met and exceeded our expectations. The market tour gave us lots of good info about local cuisine and lots to eat and drink as well. It was a casual, friendly walk through a fabulous market. It even pushed me to try things I've never tried.

– Warmnothot · TripAdvisor
"Amazing way to experience Spain"

The food we tried was some of the best I've ever tasted. Jamon Iberico, seafood, olives, red wine... all amazing. As we walked to the dessert shop our guide described some history and architecture of local neighborhoods and then we sampled some of the best desserts I've ever tasted. This tour was an amazing way to experience Spain.

– Tom D. · TripAdvisor