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A Checklist of All the Best Things to Do in Seville this Fall

A Checklist of All the Best Things to Do in Seville this Fall

Even though the temperatures are starting to lower in Seville, that doesn’t mean that all the excitement and activity of the summer are, too! The fall is a great time to visit Seville because not only is the weather fantastic, but the city is just as lively as ever. Want to make the most of your time in Seville this autumn? Here are some great things to do in Seville that you won’t want to miss!

Enjoy the changing seasons in Parque de María Luisa

One of the essential things to do in Seville in the fall is take a walk through Parque María Luisa!

Photo by Juan G. Hurtado on VisualHunt

Seville’s most famous green space is Parque de María Luisa which is located alongside the iconic Plaza de España. While the park is beautiful all year round, there is a special kind of magic to be enjoyed in the fall. The leaves start to change and fall from the trees, dusting the park in a light layer of crunchy colors. This is the perfect place to go for a leisurely stroll, nice jog, or to enjoy reading a book in a sunny spot. Once you visit Parque de María Luisa, you’ll soon understand why it is a favorite spot for both locals and tourists alike.

Watch a movie at the Seville European Film Festival

Every autumn, the Seville European Film Festival takes over Seville for a week of film, culture, and celebration. This festival celebrates European cinema and film-making during a 9-day festival, which also puts an emphasis on Spanish and Andalusian film. Many different genres are represented, from short films to documentaries to feature films. In addition to screenings, you can also attend discussions, exhibitions, and concerts that are all a part of the festival. Kids can take part in the fun, too! There are several children’s films and activities planned so that the whole family can enjoy the Seville European Film Festival.

Experience the Festival de las Naciones

One of the most interesting things to do in Seville in the fall is experience the Festival de las Naciones, which is like a tour around the world all in one day. 2018 marks the festival’s 25th anniversary, the purpose of which is to bring cultures of the world to Seville for people to enjoy. A wide variety of free concerts, dancing, workshops, and food are just a few of the things that guests can enjoy at the festival. Did we mention that this festival is free as well? The Festival de las Naciones is an exciting way to expose yourself to new cultures, beautiful music, and tasty food!

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See a traditional romería

A traditional romeria is a special and unique thing to do in Seville!

Photo by malojavio. El Saucejo on VisualHunt

Want to see something that is truly a part of Andalusian culture? Romerías are short religious pilgrimages that usually take place in smaller towns, such as the surrounding villages of Seville. These pilgrimages normally take place in the warmer months, in the spring through the fall. Typically, participants wear traditional clothes and decorate horse-drawn carts to accompany them on the trek. Music, singing, and dancing all have a place in the romerías, in addition to drinking and eating delicious food. In September and October, you can catch several romerías around Seville in the nearby villages. Listen to the music, marvel at the traditional dress and customs, and watch as people carry out traditions that have taken place for generations.

Celebrate Halloween!

Lastly, be sure to check out all of the Halloween activities going on in Seville this autumn! While Halloween is typically not associated with Spain, it as become quite trendy in recent years to celebrate this fun and unique holiday. Many bars and nightclubs throw Halloween parties so you can put on a fun costume and dance the night away on this special night. In Spain Halloween isn’t just for kids as the adults love to dress up and have fun just as much as the children!

Of course, one of the best things to do in Seville is join Food Lover Tour on a food tour to eat, drink, and enjoy the city like a local! We can’t wait to guide you to our favorite tapas joints and restaurants to eat some of the best food in Seville!