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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with These Spanish Dessert Recipes

Spanish dessert

While you have probably heard of famous Spanish foods like paella, Spanish omelette, and Spanish ham, you might not be as familiar with all the sweet treats and desserts that you can find in Spanish cuisine. Sweets don’t get as much attention but are just as important in Spanish traditions and customs. If you are a lover of all things sweet, then you are sure to love all of these delicious treats. Read on discover your new favorite Spanish dessert!


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Chances are when you think of Spanish dessert you think of flan, the sweet, spongy treat that is popular all over the country. Flan has a unique texture, being creamy, smooth, and fluffy, but still rich and filling. Baked upside down and then flipped after cooking, flan is a thick custard with a sweet, caramel sauce topping it off. This Spanish dessert is a staple in most restaurants and homes for special occasions. It dates all the way back to the days of the Romans, and was then made with honey, or even savory ingredients. Flan is a great dessert because there aren’t too many ingredients involved and you can make it from the comfort of your own kitchen with this recipe. Try the most traditional dessert from Spain for a special treat!

Arroz con Leche

Arroz con leche, or rice pudding, is another class Spanish dessert that is composed of rice, milk, cinnamon and sugar. Sweet, creamy, and unique in texture, this dessert is a classic after-lunch sweet that is a favorite among Spaniards. The best part is that this recipe is quite simple and uses ingredients that you probably already have on-hand. Arroz con leche is a simple recipe but can be made for your preferences. The rice can be soft or with some bite, or it can be served warm or chilled. Whatever way is a sure crowd-pleaser!

Crema Catalana

Spanish dessert

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Crema Catalana is Spain’s version of the classic French dessert, crème brulée. This popular Spanish dessert is famous all over the country, but as the name suggests, is very important in Catalan culture. This dessert is typically made on March 19th for the celebration of Sant Josep’s Day. Crema Catalana is a rich custard with a delicious, sugary crust that you break open with your spoon. This recipe isn’t very difficult, but it does need to be prepared quite in advance. Once you prepare the custard, it needs to chill and set for about 4 hours, or even overnight. Once the custard is set, sprinkle some sugar on top and use a kitchen blowtorch to create the signature crust. This Spanish dessert is so tasty, you’ll wonder why you never made it before!

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Tarta de Santiago

Spanish dessert

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Tarta de Santiago originates from Galicia, where people flock every year to make the pilgrimage known as El Camino de Santiago. This hike begins in France and ends in the town of Santiago de Compostela. This traditional cake is a favorite among locals and those completing the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Tarta de Santiago is a great Spanish dessert to pair with an afternoon coffee, too, if you’re not up for the long hike across northern Spain! This almond cake has hints of citrus and also calls for many ingredients that you probably already have at home. Try this recipe to get a taste of one of the most authentic desserts in Spain.


Natillas is custard or pudding and is quite a simple Spanish dessert. This recipe is loved by all ages and can easily be made at home. Milk, sugar, cinnamon, and eggs come together to form a rich and creamy custard that can’t be beat. While natillas can be eaten at room temperature, you can also try this Spanish desert cold as an alternative to ice cream to help beat the Spanish heat. Who doesn’t love a rich and tasty pudding? Try out this recipe for your next dinner party to truly wow your guests!

Turrones & Polvorones

Spanish dessert

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While turrones and polvorones aren’t technically desserts that are served after lunch like the previously-mentioned ones, they are sweet treats that are signs of the holiday season. Typical holiday sweets, turrones, or nougats, and polvorones, crumbly Christmas cookies, are great seasonal treats that people just can’t get enough of. Turrones come in many different varieties, but the most common recipe is a combination of almonds, honey, egg whites, cinnamon, and lemon zest. Preparing turrones at home can be a bit daunting since you have to grind the almonds down, but after that this recipe is a piece of cake! Choose your favorite texture, either soft or hard, and follow the according recipe.

Polverones have a dusty, crumbly texture and are similar to a shortbread cookie. In centuries past they were made with pork fat, but these days the fat can be substituted with butter or shortening. The classic recipe is almond-flavored, but there are many different varieties to try. Use this recipe to prepare the most classic and traditional polvorones. Whether it’s Christmas or not, these treats are good any time of the year!


Spanish dessert

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Lastly, one Spanish sweet that can’t be overlooked is churros! Most typically eaten for breakfast or during the Spanish merienda (coffee hour), churros served with a cup of thick liquid chocolate are just pure indulgence. Using just a few simple ingredients, you can create this famous Spanish dessert to enjoy in your own home. This recipe calls for just a few items that you already have in your kitchen, and they are fast and easy to make. Impress your family and friends with this delicious treat with minimal effort and skill!

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