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Foodies like you & me – Johan Petter, Norwegian foodie and engineer

Foodies like you and me - Johan Petter

Joahn Petter, Norwegian foodieJohan Petter is a Norwegian engineer working in the oil and gas industry. He did our Wine Lover Tour last year and did the Tapas Lover Tour this month in Barcelona, a city he’s been to 10-15 times! 


In your opinion, what do all ‘foodies’ have in common?

Foodies are not just looking for Michelin start restaurants but they are particularly interested in the local food, history related to the food and how food brings people together. Foodies will always look for new experiences and think differently from other tourists.

Name 5 essential ingredients in your kitchen that you can’t live without.

Salt, Olive oil, Rosemary, butter and Salmon. Salmon is so important that I will name it as a necessary ingredient.

What is your all-time favorite food?

Almost impossible to pick one specific favorite food. One dish that is fantastic one day may not be something specific at all the next day. How food tastes is not just about the food but it’s also about atmosphere, pairing drink, etc.

taco loverAll ‘foodies’ have guilty secrets, what food that you absolutely cannot live without makes you feel guilty?

Taco…. Don’t tell anyone!

Describe the most amazing culinary experience that you’ve ever had.

That must be one of several great dinner experiences my wife and I have together. I can mention the most recent I had that was at Statholdergården in Oslo. 10 dish dinner with great wine paring menu. The dishes are crossover between Scandinavian and continental food. Atmosphere, service, company and high quality made this to a top culinary experience. At the same time we have also had several fantastic experiences at Cal Pep in Barcelona.

Have you ever eaten at a top-ranked restaurant? Which one?

I have visited Paul Bocuse’s three Michelin star restaurant in Lyon that may be the highest rank restaurant I have been eaten at.

You did the Tapas Lover Tour Barcelona with us, what was the most memorable thing about it?

The tour was a very nice evening with a very good range of tapas. The guide was great and the group (we were 10 persons in total) caught up immediately and we all enjoyed the evening. If you’re used to always ending up in tourist traps, you should try Food Lover tour next time and get a glance at the real Barcelona.


Thank you so much for your answers Johan, we hope to see you soon!

Food Lover Tour Barcelona, Seville, Madrid