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Small Bites: 5 of Our Favorite Montaditos in Seville

Small Bites: 5 of Our Favorite Montaditos in Seville

Seville is the home of tapas, small plates, and little bites to share. While typical tapas like patatas bravas and Spanish omelet usually steal the show, montaditos need to be on your radar, too! These little sandwiches are small in size, but really hit the spot when it comes to flavor. Every tapas bar has a whole list of them, so here are just of few of the best montaditos in Seville that you need to try!

Mantecado al whisky

They say that there are more pigs than people in Spain, so it’s no surprise that many of the best montaditos in Seville include pork. The mantecado al whisky is no exception. This sandwich is small but will fill you up and packs a punch of flavor. You can expect a freshly-grilled bun stuffed with a generous heap of slowly-cooked pork topped with a mouth-watering garlic and whiskey sauce. The name mantecado describes the buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture of the pork. Typically, your mantecado al whisky will come with some crispy french fries to help soak up any sauce left on your plate!

Where to get it: En La Esquina Te Espero

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Montaditos in Seville are the perfect bite!

Photo by rubenvike on / CC BY

Pringá is a southern specialty and certainly one of the most authentic montaditos in Seville. This meaty monster is a sandwich that is loaded up with all the extra bits of meat from cooking puchero, a local stew. Pieces of pork, beef, chorizo, and morcilla become so soft and tender while cooking that they can be mashed together easily with a fork. Throw a heap of the meat mixture on some fresh, crusty bread and you’ve got a montadito de pringá!

Where to get it: Bodeguita Romero


The piripi is pure Seville in just a couple of bites. Another porky marvel, this little sandwich has plenty of toppings heaped on to fill you up. A thin fillet of grilled pork, bacon, cheese, tomato, and a squirt of mayo all come together to work in perfect harmony. The ingredients are simple, but the flavor is something that locals just can’t get enough of. After a piripi (or two!) you’ll understand why for yourself.

Where to get it: Bodega Antonio Romero

Jamón ibérico

Be sure to try as many montaditos in Seville as you can!

Photo by jlastras on / CC BY

Why mess with a classic? Jamón ibérico is a Spanish delicacy, so it doesn’t need too much dressing up when it comes to serving. Almost every bar will have a montadito de jamón serrano, but spring for the higher-quality jamón ibérico, which will make your taste buds sing. One of the simplest montaditos in Seville, this sandwich is just thinly-cut pieces of Spanish ham with maybe a drizzle of olive oil and a rub of tomato on the bread. The richness of the ham speaks for itself, so you really don’t need anything else in this perfect bite.

Where to get it: Bar Los Alcalarenos


The serranito is a classic in southern Spain and a favorite especially in Seville. This montadito is piled high with a fillet of seared pork loin or chicken breast, a bit of salty jamón serrano, and grilled pepper. The bread is always crisp and toasty and sometimes may have mayo or natural tomato slathered on for flavor. Simple and delicious, it’s a small bite in Seville that you can’t miss.

Where to get it: Mesón Serranito

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