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The Sweetest Ice Cream in Seville and Where You Can Get It

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When temperatures reach triple digits in Seville there’s no better way to cool down than with a delectable ice cream. However, this sweet treat isn’t only limited to the summertime, as you can snag this favorite dessert all year round. If you can’t get enough of this frozen treat, here are 5 places that have some of the best ice cream in Seville. Sweet tooth or not, you’ll love them, too!


If Italian-style gelato is what you’re after, try Freskura. This ice cream shop is the brainchild of a group of Italians who wanted to bring a taste of their land to Seville. Fresh, delicious gelato is made with care every day at this little ice cream shop in Alamaeda, an exciting corner of Seville known for its lively bars and nightlife. You can expect a range of classic flavors, which is sometimes all you need. Freskura also has a variety of Italian pastries and desserts on offer, too, if you want a treat to take away for later.

Address: Calle Vulcano, 4

Heladería Artesana La Fiorentina

La Fiorentina has some of the most creative ice cream in Seville

Photo by Rosapolis on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

There’s no way that you can get ice cream in Seville and avoid going to La Fiorentina. Not only will you find exotic and exciting flavors (looking at you, lime & basil!) many are original and unique to Seville. Locals adore this shop in the heart of the center for the tastes that you can’t get anywhere else. Try the orange blossom or “crema de Sevilla” to get a real taste of Seville’s sweet side.

Address: Calle Zaragoza, 16

Créeme Helado, Helado

Trust us, you’re going to love Créeme, just as the name implies. Créeme, meaning trust me in Spanish, implies that you’re getting the real deal at this heladería. This family-owned shop makes their cones and ice cream fresh, by hand, every day. Each flavor aims to tell a story with just a single bite. Situated in the pleasant Plaza del Museo, you can grab an ice cream an enjoy it in the in the Andalusian sun, soaking up the atmosphere.

Address: Pl. del Museo, 2

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Helados Rayas

Rayas is a local favorite when it comes to ice cream in SevilleHaving an ice cream at Rayas is a rite of passage in Seville. Sevillanos have been coming to this ice cream shop since the first one opened in 1980. Since then, Rayas has built up quite a reputation for its wonderful array of original and classic flavors. The ice cream here is so creamy and smooth, which sets it apart from all other ice cream in Seville.

Address: Calle Almirante. Apodaca, 1Calle San Pablo, 45


You’ll never get bored with the ice cream at Bolas since the flavors change with the seasons, according to availability of ingredients. This natural, homemade ice cream is in the heart of the city, right behind of Plaza del Salvador. Each flavor is made in small batches which helps to control quality and flavor. Thick, rich, and creamy, this ice cream is just the indulgence that you deserve!

Address: Cuesta del Rosario, 1

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