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A Sweet Journey Across Europe: 8 Must-Try Christmas Desserts

blog image for must try christmas dishes europe featuring roscon de reyes

‘Tis the season to indulge in festive delights, and what better way to celebrate the magic of Christmas than by exploring the rich tapestry of holiday desserts from across Europe? Join us on a sweet journey as we unwrap the tantalizing flavors of La Buche au Chocolat, Christmas Pudding, El Mazapán Dulce, Los Alfajores, Los Pestiños, El Turrón, Dulces de Convento, and Roscón de Reyes. These delectable treats not only showcase the diversity of European traditions but also serve as delightful ambassadors of holiday cheer.

Here’s our list of our 8 favorite Christmas Desserts:

  1. La Buche au Chocolat (France):

We begin our culinary adventure in France, where the Christmas feast is incomplete without the iconic La Buche au Chocolat. This Yule log-shaped cake is a masterpiece of chocolate sponge, layered with creamy fillings, and adorned with festive decorations. A visual spectacle and a chocolate lover’s dream, La Buche au Chocolat embodies the elegance of French patisserie during the holiday season.

  1. Christmas Pudding (United Kingdom):

No British Christmas is complete without the quintessential Christmas Pudding. This steamed or boiled dessert is a rich concoction of dried fruits, suet, treacle, and spices, often flambéed with brandy before serving. Served with a dollop of brandy butter or custard, this dense and flavorful pudding is a cherished part of the traditional Christmas Desserts offered in the United Kingdom.

  1. El Mazapán Dulce (Spain):

Spain brings sweetness to the holiday season with El Mazapán Dulce, a delightful almond marzipan confection. Crafted into festive shapes and often adorned with colorful decorations, these sweet treats are enjoyed across Spain during Christmas. The almond flavor and smooth texture make Mazapán Dulce an irresistible addition to the Spanish holiday table.

  1. Los Alfajores (Spain):

In Spain (and also Argentina), Christmas is synonymous with the heavenly taste of Los Alfajores. These delicate sandwich cookies feature layers of shortbread or sponge cake filled with creamy dulce de leche and coated with chocolate or powdered sugar. Light and indulgent, Alfajores offer a taste of South American-inspired sweetness during the holiday season.

a half eaten piece of cake covered in snow

  1. Los Pestiños (Spain):

Hailing from Spain, Los Pestiños are a traditional Andalusian pastry that takes center stage during Christmas celebrations. These flaky, honey-glazed pastries are often spiced with aniseed and sesame, creating a symphony of flavors and textures. The golden brown hue and intricate shapes make Pestiños a festive treat that captures the spirit of Spanish holiday traditions.

a plate of food pestiños on a table

  1. El Turrón (Spain):

Spain’s culinary influence continues with El Turrón, a nougat confection enjoyed throughout the Christmas season. Made with almonds, honey, and egg whites, Turrón comes in various forms, from the crunchy Alicante style to the soft and chewy Jijona variety. A symbol of Spanish heritage, Turrón has become a beloved Christmas treat both in Spain and beyond.

a piece of turron spanish nougat on a plate

  1. Dulces de Convento (Portugal):

Portugal’s Christmas table is adorned with the exquisite Dulces de Convento, or convent sweets. These handmade treats, crafted by nuns, feature a wide array of flavors, including almonds, egg yolks, and fruit. Each region boasts its own unique specialties, making Dulces de Convento a diverse and cherished part of Portuguese holiday traditions.

  1. Roscón de Reyes (Spain):

Our journey concludes in Spain with Roscón de Reyes, a festive ring-shaped cake traditionally enjoyed on Epiphany, or Three Kings’ Day. Adorned with candied fruits and often filled with cream or custard, this sweet bread is both a visual spectacle and a delectable treat that marks the culmination of the Christmas season in many Spanish-speaking countries.

a close up of a piece of spanish roscon de reyes cake on a plate

To sum up our recommended Christmas Desserts

As we traverse the culinary landscapes of Europe, these Christmas desserts emerge as ambassadors of joy, tradition, and the universal love for sweet indulgences. Whether you find yourself savoring La Buche au Chocolat in France or relishing the rich history of Dulces de Convento in Portugal, these festive treats serve as a reminder that the magic of Christmas transcends borders, uniting us all in the joy of good company and delightful flavors. So, this holiday season, embark on a sweet journey and treat yourself to the diverse and delectable Christmas desserts that Europe has to offer.


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