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Where to See Thrilling and Authentic Flamenco in Málaga

Where to See Thrilling and Authentic Flamenco in Málaga

Flamenco is at the heart of Spanish culture. It’s more than just music or dancing, it’s something that you experience with all of your senses. You’ll find some of the best flamenco in Andalucía, the region that includes cities like Málaga, Seville, and Granada. To experience the passion of flamenco in Málaga, here are 5 of our favorite spots with the best shows!

About bit about flamenco

a man standing on a stage

Image by Werner Gmünder from Pixabay

Flamenco is an art form that includes singing, dancing, and music, which originated in Andalucía. This passionate form of expression goes back centuries, and it is believed to have influences from several groups living in Spain at the time: Andalusians, Sephardic Jews, Romanis, and Moors. Over time, flamenco has been most influenced by the Romanis in Andalucía, resulting in the form we know and love today. Seeing flamenco in Málaga is such a special treat because you get to see it where it all began, in the heart of southern Spain.

El Gallo Ronco

A popular spot to get a real flamenco experience in the heart of Málaga is El Gallo Ronco in Plaza de las Flores. It’s right off of Calle Larios, the city’s main commercial avenue. If you’re looking for a night out dedicated to Spanish culture, this is it. This flamenco bar also has a full-service restaurant, so you can sample some of the region’s best dishes as well. The bar’s vaulted ceilings, beautiful lights, and decorations are spot on and help complete the ambiance of this authentic flamenco bar. You’ll be enchanted from the first chord of the Spanish guitar that you hear!

Address: Plaza de las Flores, s/n

Tablao Los Amayas

Flamenco in Málaga is passion and excitement!

Image by byungjei Lim from Pixabay

Tablao Los Amayas is just steps away from La Malagueta, the city’s most popular beach, in one of the liveliest neighborhoods. Each show combines live music, singing, and passionate dancing that come together to create something words can’t describe. Patrons say that this show will give you chills and make you cry from pure emotion. Also, you get a free drink when you buy your ticket! There are two shows each day, and when you buy our ticket you can choose if you would like to add on a tapas sampling, too. So if you want a taste of flamenco in Málaga, stop by Tabla Los Amayas!

Address: Calle Vélez Málaga, 6

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Museo de Arte Flamenco Peña Juan Breva

The Museo de Arte Flamenco Peña Juan Breva is where you need to stop if you want to learn about the history and culture around flamenco. On display, you’ll find guitars, art, and endless recordings of flamenco music to browse. This museum has more than 5000 pieces related to flamenco and is considered one of the most important flamenco museums in Spain. The museum has a small space tucked away for intimate flamenco shows for a small number of guests at a time. Book ahead, as this is a hot ticket for flamenco in Málaga! Your ticket also includes a drink and a tapa to enjoy during the show.

Address: Calle Ramón Franquelo, 4

Cal y Canto

Have you seen flamenco in Málaga yet?

Photo by Secretaría de Cultura CDMX on / CC BY-SA

Cal Y Canto is just a hop over from its sister bar El Gallo Ronco, and offers a theatrical version of a flamenco experience. The lighting, venue, and acoustics all work together to set the tone for what will happen throughout the evening. As the singers and musicians perform, you’ll feel yourself get goosebumps from the raw emotion and passion. The dancers let the music take over their bodies and make it come to life. While you watch, you’ll start to understand what Spanish flamenco is all about. It’s recommended to book your tickets ahead of time due to the popularity of the show.

Address: Plaza de las Flores, 1

Taberna Flamenca Amargo

Taberna Flamenca Amargo is right next to the flamenco museum in the heart of Málaga. While it’s not much to look at from the outside, you’ll discover a real gem once inside. Depending on the time, there is live flamenco to watch and listen to or wonderful recordings to listen to between shows. This place is lively, authentic, and a real favorite among the locals.

Address: Calle Ramón Franquelo, 3

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