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6 Unique and Tasty Tapas in Barcelona You Need to Try

6 Unique and Tasty Tapas in Barcelona You Need to Try

Tapas are a fun and delicious part of Spanish cuisine since the small portion size lets you sample several dishes within the same meal. The interesting thing about these little plates is that they reflect the cuisine of the different regions of Spain so very well. What you order in the south of Spain can be very different from the tapas that you munch on in the north. Here you have 6 of the best tapas in Barcelona that are unique to Catalonia and really show off Catalan cuisine!

1. Pa amb tomàquet

Pa amb tomaquet always accompanies the best tapas in Barcelona!Pa amb tomàquet is so simple, and yet it remains a staple on many Catalan tables every day. Translating to “bread and tomato,” this tapa is on the menu at most tapas bars and restaurants in Barcelona, and can be eaten in a number of ways. Local bread, called coca, is rubbed with tomato, sometimes garlic, and then drizzled with olive oil. Pa amb tomàquet can be eaten as an appetizer on its own, an accompaniment to your meal, or as the vehicle for toppings like Spanish ham or cheese.

2. Bomba Barceloneta

A Barcelona creation, a bomba Barceloneta has an explosion of flavor in every bite! What was once a local specialty in the Barceloneta neighborhood is now one of the best tapas in Barcelona. Ground meat enveloped in mashed potato, fried until golden brown and then topped with aioli and brava sauce, this tapa is aptly named. It’s the ultimate comfort food all in one tasty package. This Barcelona creation is a favorite that can be served in its classic form, or dressed up more creatively at tapas fusion bars.

3. Patatas bravas, Barcelona style

Patatas bravas are not only one of the best tapas in Barcelona, they're a favorite!Patatas bravas are a fan favorite anywhere in Spain, but Barcelona likes to put their own twist on this classic tapa. Whereas in many other places in Spain you might find your bravas topped with a spicy red sauce, you’ll likely see they’re a bit different in Barcelona. Many are topped with a garlic aioli sauce and chili oil, creating a unique blend of flavors. The latest trend in patatas bravas is serving them in large cubes, each individually topped off with sauce. This ensures the right amount of aioli and bravas sauce in each yummy bite!

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4. Esqueixada

Salt cod is a key ingredient in Catalan cuisine, and the principal one in esqueixada. This cold salad of shredded cod, onion, tomato, bell peppers, and olives is tossed in olive oil and vinegar and sprinkled with salt. Esqueixada is a great option for those hot summer days in Barcelona when you want something nice and refreshing. The name comes from the Catalan word esqueixar, which means “to shred.” The cod is always ripped apart by hand to achieve the desired texture, giving ezqueixada its name.

5. Escalivada

One of the best tapas in Barcelona to try is escalivada

Photo by Trevor.Huxham on VisualHunt

Another of the best tapas in Barcelona is escalivada, a grilled veggie dish that can be eaten hot or cold. Escalivada is a classic tapa in Catalan cuisine. Eggplant, bell peppers, and onions are grilled and brushed with olive oil, garlic and salt. This dish is delicious on its own, but can be topped with tuna or anchovies for garnish. Escalivada is often a side dish to grilled meat at Catalan barbecues. Furthermore, you can put it on coca bread to create a pincho!

6. Local meats and cheeses

Sometimes, the best things in life are the simplest things. This is so true when it comes to cured Spanish meats and cheeses. Cured meats like Spanish ham, fuet, llonganissa, and salchichón are delicious as a snack or during a meal. Try pairing them with crusty bread and cheese for something extra special! Its easy to find local meat and cheeses at tapas bars or even farmer’s markets all over the city. Be sure to try mató, a soft Catalan cheese that is comparable to ricotta. Many eat it as a dessert with honey or jam.

So if you’re looking for the best tapas in Barcelona, look no further! Join Food Lover Tour on a tapas tour for the most incredible food in the city. An amazing culinary journey is waiting for you in Barcelona!